Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Consultation to grow Sandalwood

    Government is encouraging farmers to raise Sandalwood plantations. Sandalwood growing gives very good income. It is termed as rich man’s choice. Contact us for 1. High quality sandalwood seeds and saplings 2. Feasibility study for your lands for sandalwood plantation 3. TAKEUP TURN KEY...
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    Need lemon plants

    I need lemon plants for growing near delhi. Would like to have offers with variety name, pricing, plant age, growing precautions, no. Of plants per acre, yield per plant per annum and speciality of the variety manish
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    Wanted consultancy services for an Asafoetida Plantation

    We are in the look out for establishing a plantation for cultivating and producing asafoetida (Hing). The plantation can be located in a site, conducive to its growth, gives a good yield in terms of ingredients and is commercially viable. The scale of operation is important and as mentioned...
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    require land for ashram

    requires 50-200 acres agriculture, forest, barren/hilly/stony land for ashram near beena, hoshangabad, bhopal, chindwara, panna, price range from rs 20000 to 50000 /acre
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    Sandalwood Plantation Services

    Contact us ffor 1. High quality sandalwood seeds and saplings 2.technical feasibility study for your lands for sandalwood plantation 3.Assist with information required to avail bank loans and subsidies. 4.TAKEUP TURN KEY PROJECTS 5. ASSIST IN RISING SANDALWOOD NURSERY contact...
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    Turn Key Medicinal Plantation

    We provide service for medicinal plantation on turn key basis. We will do all the activity and hand over you the key of your farm with complete plantation. We will use the best best agricultural practices to develop your farm on turn key basis. What ever the crop you want to cultivate you can...
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    Investment partner for Goat farming and Banana Plantation

    I have a 13 Acre land with 5 Borewells and power supply. But i am short of money for investment to start Goat farming and Banana Plantation. The Land is located about 150 Kilometers from bangalore on NH4. If anyone is interested in investing and sharing the profit, please contact me.
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    Land for Rubber Plantation required in TN or Karnataka

    Hi, I am looking to purchase rubber cultivatable land in either Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. I will require at least 50 acres of land for this. Interested parties are welcome to send be a private message or email me Thx
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    Horticulture Plantation

    Please contact us for the horticulture plantation for all climatic condition, temperate, tropical and subtropical, We will give you complete plantation. the buyback facility will also also available with plantation.
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    Green vision through tree mission so i wanted to keep green growing

    my company name is INTERNET,TREEMISSION,HEALTH and TREEMISSION is my life objectives so we help in locating suitable agriculture lands,buy back arrangements,lease of land to good agrolovers and investors,managing of land resources through our technical staff,we have a team of experienced people...
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    Wanted information on gerebera plantation

    Dear Experts & Experienced, I want to start Gerebera plantation in my agricultural land. Please provide me the useful information on investment levels, minimum revenue, loan, subsidies, yielding and necessary requirements, feedback and suggestions to start with. Please do the needful...
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    Consultancy for aromatic and medicinal plantation

    We provide full consultancy for plantation of aromatic an dmedicinal crops. we provide buyback assistance to the growers..we have all the knowledge and technology related to aromatic and medicinal plantation, currently we are growing medicinal and aromatic plantation under 5000 Acre area in...
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    Ratnagiri Devgar hapus (alphanso) mango plantation

    I want to buy mango plantations of smaller size (5 - 10 acres) of pure Ratnagiri or Devgar hapus (alphanso) mango in that area. Please send your proposal with details like location, number and age of trees, other infrastructure available, apprach road etc by email. - NR
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    Lemon grass 'krishna' plants for sale

    we have 20 lakh lemon grass 'krishna' plantation ready for sale. contact us
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    TeakWood Plantation For SALE

    We have about 2.75 Acres of Teakwood plantation near Balagath (M.P) It is around 12-14 years old with 1500 numbers of Teakwood trees in different heights (ranging 25-40 fts) and thickness (around 25-40 inches). We are looking for some genuine buyers and investors for the same.
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    Agricultural Land wanted for plantation near Karaikudi, Sivagangai area

    Iam looking for agricultural / plantation land of around 20 acres near Karaikudi area in Sivagangai district. Only serious sellers reply me with price. Regards Rajaraman
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    Bamboo Plantation

    I am planning to start Bamboo plantation in Konkan (Kankavali). Which is the best variety to Plant? which month to do the Plantation.., from where will i get the Plants and what are the precaution to be taken..??? Pls Advice
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    Guidance needed for farm House

    Hi All, Kindly help me to make a better farm house. I need nurseries and Horticultural expertise help to do this. I am from Madurai, Tamilnadu. So if anyone from tamilnadu or near by pls guide me on this. I am expecting more help from nurseries...who all are running around...
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    Wanted land in TN

    Hi There, I am interested in investing in barren / fertile land in TN for future agro project. Please note I am only interested on economic offer with clear title. But the sale will be quick. Please do reach me, Please contact... Thanks Sam
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    Wanted Mango Trees - 2 to 3 years old

    Dear All, I am interested in procuring 2 -3 years old mango trees. Please let me know the price for 200 trees, will have to be supplied in Thane, Maharashtra. Also mention the exact name of the variety of the tree such as Alphanso, Kesar etc. contact me please... Hemant C.