Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    land for sale - organic land

    About land : this land is suitable for cultivating coffee, cardamom, organic vegetables, fruits etc. this land have good water source. good climatic condition. even tree plantations can be done in this land. good rainfall, natural water everywhere. location of land : the land is located near to...
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    Coffee & Sugar Cane Farms

    I represent a group of investors interested in entering the coffee and sugarcane industry. Can anyone direct me to a source(s) for reports or offer some assistance in our efforts to evaluate the pros & cons, compile details on the industry, farming, tax free zones, production profitability...
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    pomegranate seedling and plantation for lease

    Bhagavan line, fruit weight 450-550 g, 1000 plants in 5 acres age of about 6 years Pomegranate seedling also available for sale interested parties pls contact Mr Govindarajulu A.P
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    46 Acres Teak Plantation for sale - 8000 + Trees/2400 Other Trees

    Teak Plantation available at Tenkasi. 1. 46 acre 2. 8030 Tree 3. 10-20 inches - 300 4. 20-30 inches - 740 5. 30-40 inches - 1400 6. 40-50 inches - 2570 7. 50-60 - 1350 8. 60-70 - 920 9. 70-75 - 400 10. 2400 other trees
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    For establishing Tree Plantation - Contact us

    Dear Farmers, We are a group of forestry graduate from Tamil Nadu, currently residing @ Coimbatore. We also involved in plantation establishment (all kinds of trees) for a minimum cost. Its not contract farming. We just help you in raising plantation with all the technical guidance required for...
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    Quality planting material of Melia dubia Seedling for sale

    We offer good quality planting material of Melia dubia seedlings at affordable rates. We also provide in puts on scientific plantation development, management and buy back arrangements. Quality planting material of Melia dubia of1 feet height, good collar girth, good shoot:root ratio and...
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    land available in dapoli

    13.5 acres of hilly land, organic certified, suitable for mango and cashew plantation, electricity and water available, last .8 km of kaccha road but jut 3 km outside dapoli city on the dapoli harnai road in Gimhavane village. Expected prise Rs 1200000/acre. Also suitable for farm house...
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    Looking for Rubber Plantation Investors

    Dear all, We currently have 4000 aces of land at the Western region of Ghana designated to rubber plantation. We are looking for investment to proceed with this project. Terms to be considered are joint ventures or lease of land. If you are interested in the venture please kindly contact me via...
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    New technology in harvesting oil palm bunches and prunning fronds

    Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms, Introducing latest technology in harvesting industry, OIL PALM MOTORISED CUTTER. Specially design to harvest oil palm fruit bunches (FFB) and pruning fronds. ONE single CANTAS/CKAT is able to cover in average 50 hectares oil palm plantations and produce or harvest up to 200...
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    Investment opportunity in Teak Plantation near Hyderabad

    We a small group of IT professionals are planning 100 Acres Tissue Culture Teak Plantation with all the modern Agricultural methods 110 Kms from Hyderabad International Airport. The plantation duration is 10 or 15 years. We are offering some Acreage for Retail Investors with a min investment of...
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    45 Acre Coconut Plantation For Sale In Thrissur District, Kerala

    As mentioned in the title, total area of land is 45 Acres and is located south west side of Thrissur District. Distance to NH 17 is 1.5 Kms & 5 km to beach. Land is full of thickly cultivated coconut trees. Asking price is 20,000/- Per Cent (twenty thousand). Price is Negotiable. Land is...
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    Costs for maintenance of Arabica Coffee Plantation & other information Needed

    Hello, Can some one help me with a breakdown of costs to maintain a 10 Acer Arabica Coffee Plantation. For example please see below: When should we start the maintenance after Picking is over How should the maintenance be started Cost of Manure & at what durations it should be put to...
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    Complete information on aloe vera plantation.

    I want to start up a business in aloe vera plantation. Please guide me through the full process. What is the profit margin, how much investment is required, how much land is needed to start? What is the scope of this business? Is it a profitable business if we take land on lease?
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    Tea Plantation Project Report available with us

    We are having our own Tea Plantation in Assam. Now we would like to share the details of how to start a new Tea Plant cultivation from scratch. Anybody willing to know about Tea Plantation and how to start and manage it can share their requirements Thank you
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    Rubber Estate 100 acres for sale in Kanyakumari district

    Rubber Estate 100 acres for sale in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu. Estate located in hill side with high yeilding rubber trees. Daily income 90000 to 1 Lakh INR per day. Full fencing with farm house, smoke house and road available in side the estate as well. Eepected price 22 crores INR. All...
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    Need help on taking care of teakwood plantation

    I would like to get information on the ways of taking care of a 4 year old teakwood plantation. There are about 200 teakwood trees spread in an area of 1.25 acres in Kottayam district of Kerala. The questions that I have are: 1) Near the bottom of the tree, there are pests that have...
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    We help you to grow sandalwood!!- Consult Us

    NOW growing Sandalwood is easy.... with us. We provide step-by-step consultancy for Sandalwood and Redsandal cultivation. Government is encouraging farmers to raise Sandalwood plantations. The demand is growing continuously. Sandalwood growing fetches very good income. Contact us for 1. High...
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    Sandalwood & Red Sandalwood Saplings

    Government is encouraging farmers to raise Sandalwood plantations. The demand is growing continuesly. Sandalwood growing fetches very good income. Contact us for 1. High quality sandalwood & Red Sandal seeds and saplings 2. Feasibility study for your lands for sandalwood plantation 3...
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    Agriculture land 50/100/1000 Acres for sale in M.P

    We are into Real Estate business in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Presently we have big agricultural Land belts of 100 Acres, 500 Acres , 1000 Acres , 2000 Acres and more in Madhya Pradesh .. Good for plantation and investment purpose. The single Land belt ranges from Rs. 60,000/Acres and above...
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    Sandalwood Plantations are Profitable

    Government is encouraging farmers to raise Sandalwood plantations. Sandalwood availability is at its lowest currently. Sandalwood growing fetches very good income. It is sutable plantation to be taken up in most places. Contact us for 1. High quality sandalwood seeds and saplings 2...