Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. sgone

    Land Available 200 acres Hill Farm land for Sale/Joint Development in TN, 6500 feets from sea-level

    We have in terms of an investment in Landbank which is multifaceted business opportunity. A 200-acre, clear title fertile land in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu which is seeing huge demand due to the uniqueness and versatility it brings in. With 5 natural springs, availability of water throughout the...
  2. S

    Land Required 5-10 acre Water Touch Developed Farm with fruit trees required 100-130kms from Mumbai (In Palghar / Nashik / Raigad)

    Hi, I am looking at buying a developed farm with fruit / native trees cover . It has to be water touch land - river/ dam/ lake anything having 12 months water. Any slope /elevation on ;and would be good. We require 5-10acres, we will buy within next 3 months. We want to grow a food forest and...
  3. P

    Suggestion on profitable but less attentive plants suitable for West bengal weather.

    Dear Sir, I have a piece of land (approximately 1 bigha) in West Bengal, Nadia District. My family staying 100 km away from the plot. Hence I am requesting suggestion from you about a practical solution to plant profitable Tree which require less attention. water is available and the land is...
  4. S

    Melia Dubia as support for Black pepper

    Dear Expert, I am planning to do black pepper cultivation and i want to know if i can plant melia dubia as a support for black pepper vine. I will plant melia dubia which i assume can grow 12 feet in one year approx. and same time i will plant black pepper vine and use melia dubia as support...
  5. R

    Plantation of Sandalwood in maharashtra

    Hello everyone i need detailed report on sandalwood plantation in Daund, Maharashtra...need to know the legalities related to it... And also require saplings with buy back gaurantee if any...I want to plant it in 3 acres of land... The ph level of my land is 7.9 please do let me know if anyone...
  6. C

    Olive tree Plantation

    Wish to buy/ take on long term lease, an olive tree plantation in Rajasthan/ Haryana or Punjab. Trees should be more than 5 years old and fruiting. Non fruiting trees can also be looked into.
  7. E

    Eucalyptus cultivation and all information by india plantation

    EUCALYPTUS PLANTATION WITH BUY BACK AGREEMENT INDIA PLANTATION Eucalyptus are generally moderately large trees and attain a height of 40-60 feet and diameter of 40-45 inch. The trunk of the tree is generally straight and constitute half of the total height.wood is buy back with rate of...
  8. S

    Teak Plantation

    Hi Everybody, I am OCI card holder, living in Switzerland for more than a decade now. I am interested in buying land for teak plantation but my understanding after reading some blogs is that OCI card holders are not legally allow to buy any farmland! Is that true, if yes, is there any...
  9. A

    Information regarding Saag and Nilgiri Tree plantation - 4000+ trees

    We are agriculture farmers in Anand, Gujarat. We own almost 4 Bigha agricultural land. We need advice on the plantation, felling laws in Anand District in Gujarat and exporters of trees and cost. We search government websites but could not locate exact information. Would appreciate if...
  10. J

    Organic Mango Plantation 17 acres For Sale In Karanataka Hospet

    Hey People,, We have an organic mango plantation in hospet taluk,Bellary dist...Due to fathers health issues we are planing to sell our property. The property is fully irrigated 17 acre. the plantation can be called has a 'complete farm' because it has more than 5,000+ fruiting plants and...
  11. J

    Organic Mangoes Sale

    We have Organic Mango Plantation more than 16 acres ..Its in Karnataka,Bellary Dist, Hospet Taluk. All the plants are hybrid. Varieties like Apus(Alphonsa)(Rathnagiri Apus) ,Baneesh (Baganapalli),Malligi ,Malgova,Neelishan,Tothapuri and many more hybrid varieties like 'crush-sip-lick' etc...
  12. J

    i wanna to sell my organic mango at a better price

    Hi friends, I own a organic mango plantation in hospet,bellary dist,karnataka . around 300km from bangalore..16 acres The plantation is fully organic and i am able to get good result out of it...But my problem is all about marketing.. Is there anyone who can help me .. Any new ideas...
  13. J

    Organic Mango Plantation/Estate for Sale

    Near N.H 13 Hospet Taluk ,Bellary dist,Karnataka 60ft water source 2 inch 16 acres Fully drip irrigated 5000+ fruiting plants, fully planned and developed by my father whose hobby was farming apart from his job has a principal in a reputed institute ... Major plantation mango i.e...
  14. G

    Wanted NRI: I am Intrested in investing Agriculutre business Ventures

    Hi, I am prasad from Vizag (Settled in Abroad) and Interested in investing Agriculture business Ventures (Eucalyptus Plantation, any other plantation, Farming, Organic Farming, Dailry Farm ,etc). I can be partner or investor in your business. Please feel free to send me line with your...
  15. S

    Well maintained Arabica Coffee plantation, coffee estate for sale in chikmagalur 6ace

    Well maintained Arabica Coffee plantation, coffee estate for sale in chikmagalur 6acers best suited for homestays Only 20kms from chikmagalur & 12kms from muthodi a very popular tourist attraction Advantages: Thar road access which takes you right to the entrance of the estate Very good...
  16. V

    Sandalwood, redsandal, teak, and Melia dubia saplings for sale

    Sandalwood, redsandal, teak, and Melia dubia saplings of all sizes are available at resonable rates. Technical guidance will be given for plantation. We will underatake turnkey projects on contract basis. We will take up annual maintanance of the plants. Plants cost. Sandalwood: 1.ft...
  17. V

    Technical guidance will be given for plantation

    Technical guidance will be given for plantation. We will underatake turnkey projects on contract basis. We will take up annual maintanance of the plants. Plants cost. Sandalwood: 1.ft Rs.20, 1.1/2 feet rs.25 and 2 feet rs.30 Redsandal rs.15 Melia dubia rs.15 Teak .rs 10...
  18. P

    Estate for sale in Tamilnadu

    ESTATE FOR SALE IN TAMILNADU Location Located on the Palani to Kodaikanal main road Area 110 Acres(Patta Land) Clear Titles Plantation Details Coffee with Pepper Silver Oak Trees – 8000 Nos Fruit bearing Orange trees Fruit bearing Jackfruit trees – 3000 Nos No of Employees...
  19. C

    17 Acres of Organic Plantation for sale

    Hi We are inviting business proposals/joint ventures/sales for our plantation. The details are provided below. Types Business Proposals Invited: • Any person/company with a dream to own a plantation can buy one or more acres of land inside plantation and enjoy all its benefits. The income and...
  20. A

    Consultant to help grow Sheesham / Teakwood Tree for 1 ACRE area

    Hi I have around 10 acre land in RAJASTHAN (near Jaipur) and planning to plant teak wood trees for commercial purpose. I am looking for a company who could help in Sheesham / Teekwood plantation. Please also send your plan details about how much trees could be grown and when will they be...