Sandalwood Plantations are Profitable



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Government is encouraging farmers to raise Sandalwood plantations. Sandalwood availability is at its lowest currently. Sandalwood growing fetches very good income. It is sutable plantation to be taken up in most places.

Contact us for
1. High quality sandalwood seeds and saplings
2. Feasibility study for your lands for sandalwood plantation

contact HOSACHIGURU FARMS ON 9980163040 / 9980513519
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yes i am intresting ,
i am ajay uniyal from dehradun & have 20 bigha land in bihrigarh disst. saharanpur---30 km from dehradun-uttranchal

pls. guide me in this regard
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dear sir,
i have a land of 30 acers in chintamani taluk chikkaballapur distract i want to grow sandalwood plants please advice me i head joint venture is available.


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We are having the good quality & genuine in breed "Root-I" sandal wood seedlings are available in bulk.Our sandalwood seedlings are very healthy with robust growt in nursery level.So it's indicates the better growth in future.We are having much experience in sandal wood cultivation in all respect.We do periodical physical inspection to observe the growth rate of sandalwood trees.We have planted some plants two years back in our nursery yard.The planted seedlings were rejected by farmers .Now it was grown very nicely.


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Hi All,

I have just gone thru this add, and would like to suggest to all my farmer brothers and all those interested in Sandalwood plantation.

1) Its very risky to grow sandalwood as it attracts lots of Gangsters, dacoits etc... putting personal life in jeopardy is no way to live.
2) There is abundance of availability of sandalwood in jungles and govt has the knowledge of it.
3) Never ever plant sandalwood in home front. There has been abundance of cases of dacoity in banglore and elsewhere also where people have planted sandalwood for extra income.

My dear brothers, there are various other ways to earn income from plantations... kindly dont go by false promises and kindly check out or inquire before investing in such things..


Chetan K.


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does this sandal wood plantations needs govt approval ?
do we need to pay tax for growing one ?
how to protect the trees from mobs ?