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17 Acres of Organic Plantation for sale


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We are inviting business proposals/joint ventures/sales for our plantation. The details are provided below.

Types Business Proposals Invited:
• Any person/company with a dream to own a plantation can buy one or more acres of land inside plantation and enjoy all its benefits. The income and the maintenance expenses of the plantation would be divided among the owners in proportion to the area of land they own. You can build your farm house in the plot and spend a nice vacation time with your family.

• Joint venture with any individuals/companies for business ventures like, yearly agreement for consistent supply of fruits, tourism, horse/sheep farming, honey bee farming,sheep/goat farming, setting up environmental friendly industry etc.

Location: Harvanahalli village, Bellary district, Hospet Taluk, Karnataka, INDIA.
Area: 17 acres & 1,700+ trees.

Specifications of the plantation & trees which are 12+ years old:
1000 Mango trees ; 200 Tamarind trees; 180 Casrenia (survey trees); 170 Teak Trees;150 Lime; 150 Pomegranate; 100 Sapota; 100 Compost trees; 50 Neem; 20 Guava; 12

Coconut tree; 10 Custard apple; 10 Goose Berry; 6-Bull's Heart; 3 Sandalwood; 3 Rose wood;3 Jack Fruit and a Cashew Tree.

The entire area is planted and drip irrigated with two bore-wells with water source at 35th feet (with more than 2.5inch yield) .The farm is planted using specially engineered triangular marking pattern. This is an organic plantation which uses compost made of clay from the valley, cow dung & sheep dung; these are applied twice in a year. Flood irrigation facility is also provided. The entire boundary is planted with the above mentioned Teak, Rosewood, Survey trees, Neem, Compost trees etc. It completely organic as we don't use/apply pesticide or fungicide. There are three rain water harvesting ponds within the plantation. There is a path-way along the center of the plantation which divides the plantation into two sections. On either side of the path-way, we have plots of 1 acre each. We have a 2BHK farmhouse in the center of the plantation and we have a skilled labor maintaining the whole plantation.

For any Questions/Further Information Contact us
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)