Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Precision Farming in Kerala

    To know more about Precision Farming in Kerala Precision Farming in Kerala[/url] Mr. Digaul Thomas is the first private precision farmer in Kerala. The state government of Kerala honored him with the prestigious Best Young Farmer Award 2012
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    Precision Farming in Kerala

    To know more about Precision Farming in Kerala Precision Farming in Kerala[/url] Mr. Digaul Thomas is the first private precision farmer in Kerala. The state government of Kerala honored him with the prestigious Best Young Farmer Award 2012
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    Wanted 5 to 10 acres in Kasargod District

    I am looking forward to buying agricultural land to an extent of 5 to 10 acres in Kasargod District [preferably in the northern side]. Please send in your details with the expected price. Thanx
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    Need Farm land for poultry in Kerala

    We need 1-5 acres of farm land suitable for poultry Location - Any part of Kerala Facilities - Nearby transports, plenty of water. We need this for rental purpose only.
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    2Acres of Farm Land @ Palakkad, Kerala

    2Acres of land well suitable for Farms, Resorts and Farm tourism is available at Sholayoor, Agali, Palakkad. The land has a very clear and authentic title which can be traced back. There is a perennial water stream flowing along one side of the land. It's almost plain with a slight slop towards...
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    agriculture,resort,commecial land for sale in wayanad kerala

    all type of land suitable for agricultural or commercial or resort purpose is available for sale in and around wayanad.prce range start from 5 lakh per acre and available from 5 acres to 1000 acres.
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    Ostrich 8 months old 2 pair for sale Kerala -

    Dear Sir, We are basically doing business in Automated Incubators and Hatchery. Currently we arrange incubator service for emu farms in kerala. As discussed by telephone the ostriches we have are : - 4 numbers (for sale together only) - All are hatched on the same date - 8 months old...
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    Natural farming project at trivandrum kerala - seeking partners

    zero budget farming project at trivandrum seeking partners to join a zero budget farming project near to trivandrum city , total land area 10 acres, divided in to individual plots of 50 cents, common fencing , interconnecting roads, individual farm cottages with common recreational...
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    Malappuram Mahotsavam 2012 (Malappuram Mega Fair 2012) at Malappuraram, Kerala.

    The Malappuram Mahotsavam 2012[/URL] (Malappuram Mega Fair 2012) organised by District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Malappuram will be held from 7th to 22nd January - 2012 at Kottakkunnu Maidan, Malappuraram, Kerala (India). Malappuram Mahotsavam 2012 will be a complete...
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    Farm Township-Kerala

    Wanted Agicultural land 3-10 acres with with in 80 kms of Trivandrum /Cochin Kerala or thirunelveli Tamil nadu Also Seeking Like minded partners interested in a Community Farming project with Individual Farm land, farm house and common amenties, to take up organic/horticulture/mecinal Plants...
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    10 acres of land ( land price between 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per acre)

    Dear All I am planning to set up a dairy farm . I require a land with an extent of 10 acres. The price what i can pay maximum is 2.5 lakhs/acres depending on the area. The area should have enough water resource and should be having a moderate climate. I am searching for a land in and around...
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    Wanted agricultural land in Theni district / Tamil Nadu

    Looking for about 100 acres of agricultural land in theni district in Tamil nadu. Does not have to bus route but should have road access (suitable for jeep/car), access to electricity and plenty of water for irrigational purpose. Looking preferably for fertile red soil. Looking for vacant land...
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    Extending shelf life of parathas

    Hi I am looking for some help in extending the shelf life of Parathas (Kerala Parathas) We are getting maximum 3 days now, which I want to extend to a week at least without freezing. Can anyone help ?
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    Farm/Rubber land at Kerala.9 acres

    Original land - 9 acres in kerala , kannur near chempari 1. Guaranteed 10,000 litres continous water supply with gravity for all seasons [] 2. 2500 rubber plants,3 year old, 100 cocnuts , 50 coco's 3. Single plot , Small house , Electricity 4. Ideal place for Cow farming , Resorts 5. Calm...
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    Setup a cold storage in Kerala

    I would like to setup a cold storage unit with 100T storage capacity for multi purpose usage in Kollam District of Kerala. Could any one advice me about the following; 1) Estimated cost for a 100T unit 2) Contact details of suppliers / consultants of cold storage plants. Those who can supply...
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    Land in Thrissur Palakkad

    I am looking for land in Thrissur or Palakkad. I am looking for minimum of 10 acres of land. The land has to be adjoining any type of flowing water!! The need is to plant different types of trees and plants that are fast disappearing from Kerala.
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    Supply of farm fresh organic vegetables for kerala

    Kind Attention: Vegetable merchants, vegetable wholesalers & traders in Kerala 130+ acres of Farm Fresh Organic Vegetables available for Kerala Market from December 2009. Please book your requirement. We can also customise production according to your requirement. We are developing a 130+...
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    Hi! I am baburaj from ernakulam district, kerala. I am interested in starting floriculture in my 1 acre land in kerala. Can you provide some information on floriculture and how can i start floriculture in kerala. How much money i have to invest to start floriculture. Is it a profitable...