1. gopikrish6

    Earn above 10 Lakhs a Month in Distribution business!!!

    Dear All, We are looking for Distributors (Areawise)all over India for our Herbal Hair Oil Product called "Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil". About the Product : Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil 1.Controls Hair Fall 2.Enables faster hair growth 3.Promotes new Hair growth 4.Eradicate Dandruff...
  2. gopikrish6

    Distributors / Wholesalers - Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil

    Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil 1.Controls Hair Fall 2.Enables faster hair growth 3.Promotes new Hair growth 4.Eradicate Dandruff 5.Clears off Hair Lice 6.Moisturizes dry hair 7.Adds Luster, Shine and Softness to Hair 8.Prevents premature hair greying This Oil is manufactured in...
  3. gopikrish6

    Earn above 50000 per month - Business Development Managers

    Hi All, We are a Herbal hair oil manufacturing company in Chennai - Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil. Our product is currently being sold in parts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. We are currently in the process of expanding our business across these two states and other states aswell. Requirement...
  4. gopikrish6

    Wanted people interested to do business as Areawise Distributors across India

    Areawise Distributors across India Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil is 100% natural. This Oil is prepared using the Ancient Ayurveda method. Uses of Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil : •Prevents Hair fall •Enables faster hair growth •Opens up pores and promotes new hair growth •Reduces...
  5. K

    Distributors Wanted

    Individual distributors immediately required. Male/Female. Age: above 18, Qualification & Experience: Not Required. Products available: Health care, Beauty Care, Investment: Rs. 1000 (products will be issued for this amount) Contact 9543925379
  6. gopikrish6

    Wanted Areawise Distributors across India - Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil

    Wanted Areawise Distributors across India Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil is 100% natural. This Oil is prepared using the Ancient Ayurveda method. No Chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of this Oil. Clinically tested as per ISO standards. Uses of Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil ...
  7. D

    want to start dairy farm business

    Hi there I would like to start dairy farm business in gujarat with 25 cows with leased land how much money do I need to setup the business and what kind of financial benefit can I get from government. And please advice me expected profit every month plz Thanks
  8. N

    [B] Milk Process & Packaging Unit for Sale [/B]

    Machine Details Packet Machine Air Compressor AC Motor - 2HP SS Tank - 300 ltr Capacity Steel Pipe Price/Date Imprinter Stabilizer Change Over - Switch - Electric to Generator Panel Board Motor Starter Panels Capacitor Homogenizer Machine AC 2HP Motor Starter Panel Pasteurizer SS Tank - 300...
  9. O

    Mushrooms on Sale: Business Opportunity for every1

    hi, We are a Bangalore based company, looking to sell chemical free oyster mushrooms of good quality. We are looking for franchises, whom we supply at the best rates available in the markets. If anyone is interested to work with us. Please contact us. If anyone interested in marketing job also...
  10. F

    Resource Sharing - Use our Land for Free

    I am writing to connect with like-minded people who are willing to start a farming enterprise, either in partnership or individually. We own huge chunks of land available in the state of Bihar, about 150 Acres, broadly spread in two major areas...
  11. R

    Suggestions required on where to invest.

    Hi, I have a land (around 3 acres) at my hometown. And can invest around 4-5 lakhs cash. Please suggest me what can i do which gives me more profit. I am thinking of quitting my job and give this my fulltime. Please suggest.. Thanks..
  12. A

    Opening a Dairy farm

    Hello Fellow Readers, I am an NRI originally from jaipur The idea of Dairy Farm sounds very welcoming to me. i have worked out basic details and idea but lack expertise and experience (of course consultancy and experts will be called in) I wish to know, what factors should i be made aware...
  13. E

    Bio pesticides opportunity from Korea

    Our company, ECOWIN is involved in environment-friendly agricultural industry as a specialist in biological pest control, plant disease control and organic fertilizer. We are already well-recognized in this field of business in Korea and also currently attracting many potential customers across...
  14. T

    Complete information on aloe vera plantation.

    I want to start up a business in aloe vera plantation. Please guide me through the full process. What is the profit margin, how much investment is required, how much land is needed to start? What is the scope of this business? Is it a profitable business if we take land on lease?
  15. K

    NRI Investment Required

    Hi, We are in the process to start an integrated agriculture project at Bihar with Hi tech poly green house, 100 Cow dairy, Fisheries, 40 cubic meter biogas plant and commercial vermiculture unit. We are looking some NRI investment or any one who are willing join hand. This is really great...
  16. G

    Elgeeyess business network

    We invite agri related products to reach all over India through our network. Also we offer from our members different products to reach your zone. mail us for further enquiries...
  17. S

    Help Needed

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have around 1 acre of land in Kerala where I want to start Poultry/Dairy. 1. What would be the ideal initial amount required to start these businesses. 2. What willl be th break even period 3. Expected Annual Cost/Revenues
  18. M

    Herbal hair wash powder,hairoil

    Dear business members, I am i am manufacturing in Herbal hair wash powder And hair oil, (not mix to chemical)
  19. G

    Is agriculture really a viable business?

    With growing land and input costs, shortage of labor (even though we have such a large population!) is agriculture really a viable/sustainable business? Can revenues/profits be compared to other industry like real estate or IT? or for that matter manufacturing? How can Agriculture as an...
  20. A

    Amazing business offer