1. bharatbook

    Development and Innovation in Beverage Packaging

    Bharatbook added a new report on "Innovation in Beverage Packaging" which contains an assessment of packaging demand at global and regional level. Innovation in Beverage Packaging While two years of global economic slowdown has focused beverage packaging innovation as much upon cost and...
  2. bharatbook

    Forest Laboratories Inc Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

    Forest Laboratories, Inc. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review Summary Forest Laboratories, Inc. (Forest Lab) is a U.S. based pharmaceutical company. It is engaged in the development, manufacturing and selling of both branded and generic forms of ethical drug products and...
  3. A

    Attention Farm owners interested in a Business tie-up

    We are an agri-business company looking for a large/medium farm owner who is interested in doing a business tie-up with us for our agri-business project. Interested farm-owners please send us a private message with your contact details to enable us to enter into further talks with you.(Please...
  4. K

    Honey Business

    Hi, This is krishna from Bangalore, i wanted to start Honey business for my father. Wanted more information on how to start this. Any help on this would be really great. Eagerly waiting for your reply Regards, Krishna
  5. P

    Stevia Economical Aspects

    I am searching for pubblications and reports regarding Stevia business for a Ph.D research (Cutomers needs, contract with farmers, supply chain, economical aspects, ...). Is there someone who could help me find some addresses about the topic or contacts with Universities treating these...
  6. P

    Plant/Agri biotech Business Oppurtunity/ colloberation - Land, finance available

    Hello, We have a 30 acre farm in North Gujarat in a fertile area with continuous supply of water and permission for industry. We are looking to start a biotech based unit, on extracts or Nutraceuticals. These could be plant extracts or Spirulina cultivation unit or other Algal technology...
  7. bharatbook

    Real economic potential & latent demand for Products Incorporating Nanotechnology added a new "Report on Products Incorporating Nanotechnology World Market Segmentation by City" into its market report catalogue for reselling. The 2009 Report on Products Incorporating Nanotechnology: World Market Segmentation by City This report was created for global...