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Poultry Farm - Advise Required


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Dear Gentlemen,

I have a poultry farm and it is currently in Running condition. For the past two years, we ran this poultry business using Broiler Integration model.

This time for the upcoming batch, I have a plan to do a direct purchase and also marketing.

I wish to buy chicks, poultry Feeds and to cover marketing as well.

As I have established the marketing network in all these days and I'm confident that all the stocks will be distributed to market with out any slippage and delay.

The risk I foresee now is as follows.

1. Buying the Best Quality Chicks(Day Old).

2. Poultry feed ( Brands, types, etc)

3. Vaccination

4. Independent supervisors availability in case of any quality issues in all stages.

5. Mortality rate.

If this all requirements sets fine, then this model is a good break-through for me.

The target is 10,000 Chicks at this stage (Location : Trichy, Tamil Nadu).

Since every single paise is my own investment, I suggest a help from experts and advisors to give a supportive solutions to mitigate / solve the above risk factors.

I welcome any one who is interested to be a part of this business.

Many thanks .
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)