Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. D

    Land Available 1 acre land with broiler chicken shed for lease

    Hi, We have agriculture land of 1 acre with plenty of water and poultry farms of 15000 capacity, very near to Hyderabad (15 Kms) near Kompally (Nuthankal village Medchal) I am planning to give my land and poultry lease. Interested people reply .
  2. B

    Land Available 28 acre farming/agricultural land available for cultivation in Nandyal,Andhra Pradesh

    28 acre agricultural land available for cultivation.(lease) Suitable for almost all crops (Paddy,jowar,tobacco,turmeric,sugarcane,chillies etc.) Abundant water 3 phase and single phase power Sheds available for dairy,poultry and sheep farming in the same land.
  3. H

    Land Required Need agriculture land for rent near Bangalore

    Need 1-2 acher agriculture land for rent near Bangalore or within Karnataka
  4. S

    Land Required Agricultural Land required of 8-10 Bighas ( 3 Acres) in and around Barddhaman / Guskara in West Bengal

    Looking out for Agricultural land for farming purpose in Barddhaman / Guskara / Dignagar / Abhirampur area for farming purpose. Should be easily accessible from main road and has electricity connection nearby. Having a buget of Rs 1.5 - 2 lacs per Bigha.
  5. P

    Aman Lakra – concentrates on livestock rearing for farm integration

    Mr. Aman Lakra, farmer from Abhaypur village, Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh started his life as a farmer with dairy farming. His only asset was his family owned 1.5 acre farmland on which he used to grow some fodder and cereals for his personal use. As dairy unit operations were standardized...
  6. O

    Wall Hanging Chicken Cage

    Description for "Wall Hanging Chicken Cage" Hi-Tech wall mounting chicken coop.It is a portable unit and can be easily mounted on walls. This unit can accommodate 10 chickens. The chicken coop is powder coated and has a long life . Feed and water supplying mechanism to chickens along with egg...
  7. I

    1 acres land to start a chicken poultry. PLEASE GUIDE ME

    Hi, I am going to start a chicken poultry near Pondicherry and I want to do it full time to make my living. 1.Is contract with private companies good? 2.Ideas about doing with Boilers/Layers/Country chicken? 3.Can i make profit 30000rs per month? 4.Overall cost for project to make 30000rs...
  8. stargem

    Frozen Chicken

    Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 0207) We would like to offer : Frozen Chicken. Our supplied frozen chicken consist of : whole halal frozen chicken & cut pieces. Type of chicken : broiler. Age of chicken : 45-60 days minimum at time of slaughter. Average weight of chicken : 800 grams minimum and 2.2 kg...
  9. M

    6 acre land ready for business with construction

    6 acre land for sale near Kolhapur. With construction of 6 poultry sheds and 1 shed for dairy farm Suitable for many businesses like Dairy/Milk processing plant, Drinking water plant, Food processing unit , Goat farm, Poultry Farm, Textile process...
  10. N

    Organic Eggs/Poultry

    Raise food as done by mother nature No coops, No sheds, No boundaries Born free and they live free Mud baths Satiated and satisfied chickens Organic feed = Organic chicken and eggs Hormone free and antibiotic free diet ​Fed on available greens, bugs, maize, soya and nut derivatives Only pure...
  11. S

    Want to start own farming with breeder

    Hello All, Two years ago, I built 4 broiler poultry sheds, 2 with 6,000(210X30 area) birds capacity each and 2 with 1,050 birds capacity each (all are 50 feet apart) which are currently running in integration with Suguna. Now I am exploring the possibility of farming on my own using existing...
  12. S

    Planning for poultry farm ()

    Dear members, I am planing for broiler poultry farm in medak (AP), I want to know the estimation cost and all the details of farm. I have only agriculture land in that i am planing for a farm, I dont have any basic idea also and how to approach for a bank loan?? Members in the community...
  13. M

    Broiler poultry farm for Rent at Dharwad

    Broiler poultry / Rabbit / Goat Farm for Rent at Dharwad. Its on Haliyal Road, on monthly rent. Capacity: 9000 birds/time (Space 1.5 Acres). 9000 Sq Ft Shed can be used as STORAGE GODOWN and Land of 1.5 Acres used for Storage Activities. Facilities: Its attached to the state highway SH 28, and...
  14. E

    Projects on solid waste management/ dairy/ poultry/ FYM/ cocopith waste etc

    Dear All We are specialist in controlling odour and other problems arising from solid waste in a Sugar industry, Distilleries, wineries and other food and agro industries. EcolAgro Venture Pvt ltd is based in science city of Lucknow. We are engaged in the research & development and...
  15. fdrealagri

    Broiler Poultry farm For Rent near DHARWAD , Karnataka

    6000 Capacity Broiler Poultry farm is Available on Rent / To-Let Near DHARWAD city, karnataka . available Facilities : 24 Hours Water, Electricity, Drinkers, Feeders . Interested Kindly Contact: 09242832075
  16. M

    Broiler poultry farm at Dharwad for Rent

    Broiler poultry farm at Dharwad for Rent. Its on Haliyal Road, on monthly rent of 15,000 Rupees/Month. Birds Capacity: 9000 birds/time Facilities: Its attached to the state highway and next to Karnataka University Compound 1km from Mansur Cross Capacity 9000 Birds, provided with Feeders and...
  17. I

    Poultry / Layer Farm Project

    Do we need to convert the agricultural land into a NA land for setting up a 'Layer Farm' project?
  18. I

    Poultry / Layer Farm Project

    Do we need to convert the agricultural land into a NA land for setting up a 'Layer Farm' project?
  19. I

    Rajasthan Layer Farm (Eggs Production) Project

    Which are the best districts in Rajasthan to setup a Layer Farm (Eggs Production) Project considering the availability of feed and egg consumption?
  20. O

    Poultry Farm - Advise Required

    Dear Gentlemen, I have a poultry farm and it is currently in Running condition. For the past two years, we ran this poultry business using Broiler Integration model. This time for the upcoming batch, I have a plan to do a direct purchase and also marketing. I wish to buy chicks, poultry Feeds...