poultry farming

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    A. G. Ramchandran – breeding and marketing of livestock

    “I incurred loss in farming so decided to do something totally different for livelihood but having an agricultural background I wanted to stay connected with my roots. Lucky I took training from NABARD and MYLARD (Tamil Nadu) on sheep and goat farming. After completing the training, I thought...
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    For Sale Poultry Feed Supplement Manufacturer

    At Anfotal Nutrition get all kinds of feed supplement and additives that helps in enhancing overall health and growth. Here you get supplement for goat, cattle, poultry, livestock etc for their better health and growth. poultry feed supplement growth promoter for poultry broiler growth...
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    Feedback about Simran farms

    Has anybody dealt with Simran farms? If yes, please provide feedback about the company. How are their terms (payment per bird for contract farming, is feed, doc, medicine provided?) and how do they compare to Suguna. Which is better brand? Thanks.
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    Poultry Farming Parent stock for hatching eggs

    I am intersted in Poultry farming , main purpose to produce Hatching eggs and selling day old broiler chicks.Please anybody can suggest of how to implement and ideas they have about this project. Please welcome to share me the knowledge, where to procure layers and how to produce hatching eggs...
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    Broiler Contract Farm - poultry buisness in tamilnadu

    Dear Friends, We may have many friends in our state and neighbouring states , who may need of knowledge in Broiler Poultry contract farming. So lets share our knowledge of Broiler contract farming . Knowledge may include like 1. Project reports 2. how to benefits to farmers financially...
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    Guidance for Poultry business

    I have acres of land on the outskirts of lucknow and i am looking forward to open a poultry business. I seriously dont have any knowledge from where to start from and i need a startup/setup guidance. Please advise Regards Saurabh Pratap Singh
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    Poultry Farm - Advise Required

    Dear Gentlemen, I have a poultry farm and it is currently in Running condition. For the past two years, we ran this poultry business using Broiler Integration model. This time for the upcoming batch, I have a plan to do a direct purchase and also marketing. I wish to buy chicks, poultry Feeds...
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    Distributorship Opportunity For India' Strongest Veterinary medicine Brand.

    We Growel Agrovet private Limited are inviting for distributorship at district and state level across the country, we are providing all marketing & sales supports to our channel partner. • Benefits for being business partner of Growel Agrovet Private Limited : • Professionally managed...
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    Wanted 1 or 2 Acre land for Poultry Farming

    Good Evening, Land Requirement : 1 or 2 Acre Purpose: Poultry Farming Locality: Only Tamil Nadu Basic Utility needs: Water, Electricity Infrastructure: Should be located outside town/city but connected by tar roads Immediate cash settlement
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    Wanted 1-2 Acre Agriculture land @ Tiruvallur

    Hi All, I'm looking for agriculture/farm land in & around Tiruvallur/Arakonam/Kanchipuram/chengalpet Electricity/Water road connectivity is essential Please contact me with Price & Necessary information Land Requirement : 1-2 Acre P.S: The usage of land is strictly for agriculture and...
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    All solutions to POULTRY FARMING

    MARKET SURVEY CUM DETAILED TECHNO ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY REPORT COVERS: Introduction Uses and Applications Properties Market Survey with future aspects Present Manufacturers Detailed Process of Manufacture Formulations B.I.S. Specifications Process Flow Sheet Diagram...
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    Profitable country chicken in India

    http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums/sale/78820-black-meat-medicinal-kadaknath-chicks-sale.html#post215080 Visit the link above or Please visit KADAKNATH CHICKEN Sakthivel 07418341038 KADAKNATH CHICKEN
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    Consultant of Food Processing Industry

    Engineers India Research Institute, technical and financial consultant is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering all type of industrial project reports small scale industrial reports. Click Here to purchase online Kindly provide your contact details, Email ID , mobile or...
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    chicken poultry

    we are in need of poultry farm or shed for lease or rent bases in Bangalore or 90km from Bangalore , its urgent please call with regards, prithvi