poultry farm productivity

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    Poultry Farm - Advise Required

    Dear Gentlemen, I have a poultry farm and it is currently in Running condition. For the past two years, we ran this poultry business using Broiler Integration model. This time for the upcoming batch, I have a plan to do a direct purchase and also marketing. I wish to buy chicks, poultry Feeds...
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    Distributorship Opportunity For India' Strongest Veterinary medicine Brand.

    We Growel Agrovet private Limited are inviting for distributorship at district and state level across the country, we are providing all marketing & sales supports to our channel partner. • Benefits for being business partner of Growel Agrovet Private Limited : • Professionally managed...
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    Increased chicken and dairy yields by water purification

    Contact: Henry Frank Argonide Corporation ENHANCEMENT OF YIELDS BY WATER PURIFICATION AT DAIRY AND POULTRY FARMS April 1, 2011 – Argonide Corporation, a Sanford, Florida company that manufactures ultra-high efficiency water purification filters, has recently completed a case study with...