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teak plantation

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    Teak Plantation Expert Services required

    We have plans to plant Teak plantations in Chittoor and Mehaboobnagar in 25 Acres each. We need a consultant/expert in this field to advise us. Any expert/consultant who have experience in this field may contact me. and mobile no 9845572326.
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    Need help on taking care of teakwood plantation

    I would like to get information on the ways of taking care of a 4 year old teakwood plantation. There are about 200 teakwood trees spread in an area of 1.25 acres in Kottayam district of Kerala. The questions that I have are: 1) Near the bottom of the tree, there are pests that have...
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    Teak Plantation

    Teak is one of the most demanded wood. The plantation of teak is very good. We provide the knowledge and technology for the teak. The biotechnological planting material is also provided by us for the better yield and the good growth. It is good for the waste land and low fertile land...
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    Do it yourself - How much timber is in my teak plantation and how much is it wort?

    Have you ever wanted to know how much commercial usable timber is on your teak plantation? For those who are interested to get a first rough idea how many cubic meters of timber are on your plantation, we have a quick and easy to use webtool, calculating timber volume based on tree diameters...
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    require teak plants

    i am interested in teak plantation and would like to know the cost of teak per piece.
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    Teakwood plantation for sale in Tamilnadu, India

    Plantation for Sale in Tamilnadu, India. Location - Sengottai Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu. Total Land Area - 73 Acre and 86 Cents. Land Survey Number- 1069, 1070/7E, 1070/7, 1070/7A1, 1070/1A1, 1070/1C, 1070/7A3, 1070/7B. Cutting Order Application Number - 49658, 49659...
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    Teak wood plantation for sale in Tamilnadu

    Teak wood plantation in sengottai is for sale. Total Land area - 73 Acres and 83 cents. Teakwood - 7100 trees - 1,20,000 CFT Black siris - 160 trees - 6000 CFT White siris - 400 trees - 10,000 CFT Arjun - 130 trees - 3000 CFT Rosewood - 13 trees Sandalwood - 7 trees Pala jathi - 1500...
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    farm land with mango plantation

    15 acres of farm land with mango plantation, very good soil , just 25 km from vijayanagaram, and 75 km from visakhapatnam, very easy accessable black top road for immdiate sail,
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    Teak Plantation Full Information

    Hello there, I am from mumbai but working abroad in gulf from past few years... I have heard a lot about these teak plantation business that's why i was just curious to know more details about it. Im planning to come to mumbai on vacation by august end and I would like to know full information...
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    Teak Plantation - Row Planting Along Farm Boundary - Intercropping with Eucalyptus

    We are planting Teak Trees along our Farm Boundary (in Sitapur, UP, near Lucknow) at 12 feet in a row with one Eucalyptus tree between 2 Teak Trees. So we have Teak-Eucalyptus-Teak at 6 feet. We plan to cut and sell Eucalyptus Trees in 4-7 years and leave Teak trees spaced at 12 feet, to...
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    Is Teak Plantaion is Profitable

    Sir, I am Having 5 Acers of Wet land and thinking of to grow teak plantation.Is it profitable , if profitable Information regarding Plantation ,Variety of Plants,Income from the plants, etc needed. Any body having experience in growing teak plantation ,help me Thanking you Ravi Kumar N Please...
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    Teak plantaion intercroping Advice needed

    Hi We just completed teak plantation near Mysore with the Spacing 9 X 12 with drip irrigation. We bought Teak saplings from Karnataka forest Dept. We intended to do Silviculture with spacing of 6X6 and do thinning for every 4 years. Some experts recomended spacing of 9 X 12 with...