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Want to start own farming with breeder


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Hello All,

Two years ago, I built 4 broiler poultry sheds, 2 with 6,000(210X30 area) birds capacity each and 2 with 1,050 birds capacity each (all are 50 feet apart) which are currently running in integration with Suguna. Now I am exploring the possibility of farming on my own using existing sheds. For this I need a hatchery and a feed mill but I don't have money to start with a 1000 bird breeding facility. So I want to start with very small scale say with 200 (or may be less) birds breeder. And I want to continue Suguna integration until my breeder starts producing day old chicks.

My plan is to start a small hatchery with 200 birds and raise day old chicks in my 2X6000 and 2X1050 sheds. But the real question is how to devide/utilize these sheds to raise day old chicks in 8 week cycle? This is how I am planning to do, please advice pros and cons of it and any other advice you may have.

With 200 birds breeder at 75% hatchability, I will get ~1050 day old chicks per week. I will devide each 6000 shed into 3 35X30 partitions with 50 feet separating each partition. That gives 2*3*1050 + 2*1050 = 8*1050 partitions, all separated by 50 feet on all sides. Can I follow this strategy to do my own farming? I will have feed mill and hatchery/incubator with just enough capacities to run my farm. Please advice.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Hi sir,
this is sachin from hyderabad im planning to start poultry farm in intigration model with suguna @ Shadnagar near Hyderabad,
so please help me i have few doughts.
1. Is contract farming with suguna chicken profitable
2. How much i have to invest for 10,000 birds shed
Sir i'll be very happy if i could directly talk with you and know your experiences pls give your mail id or contact number

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)