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Wall Hanging Chicken Cage


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Description for "Wall Hanging Chicken Cage"
Hi-Tech wall mounting chicken coop.It is a portable unit and can be easily mounted on walls. This unit can accommodate 10 chickens. The chicken coop is powder coated and has a long life . Feed and water supplying mechanism to chickens along with egg collection facility is provided in the unit. Waste collection facility is also available which ensures that the waste does not directly falls to the ground and gets scattered.
This is ideal for those who are interested in having organic and natural eggs. It will be yet another sustainable way of having ones own food at his or her own house.

Wall mounting chicken coop
Portable unit
Can accommodate 10 chickens
Powder coated- assembly structure
Egg collection facility
Water and food management options
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)