Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. growel

    Distributorship Opportunity For India' Strongest Veterinary medicine Brand.

    We Growel Agrovet private Limited are inviting for distributorship at district and state level across the country, we are providing all marketing & sales supports to our channel partner. • Benefits for being business partner of Growel Agrovet Private Limited : • Professionally managed...
  2. B

    Farm Land for sale near Hyderabad (India) - Going cheap

    Suggestion for Investing in High Return Land near Hyderabad - India. For people looking / willing to invest relatively small amount in land, which can / may grow in the near future. These lands are available for sale near Hyderabad (75 to 150 KM) priced from Rs.1.2L to Rs.7L at Vikarabad...
  3. S

    Owner interested in leasing one acre farm vacant land for poultry farming etc

    Owner is interested in leasing one acre vacant farm land located 45 min from international airport Chennai fenced property at the earliest. For further information contact
  4. R

    Poultry farm for 20000 birds

    Hi, I am planning to set up a a poultry farm(broiler) of around 20, 000 birds. With an eventual plan to set my own hatchery later own. Please guide me on how much land will be required to set up a farm. Also guide me about the estimated cost for such a farm in terms of equipment etc vis a...
  5. D

    Need Farm land for poultry in Kerala

    We need 1-5 acres of farm land suitable for poultry Location - Any part of Kerala Facilities - Nearby transports, plenty of water. We need this for rental purpose only.
  6. cnsant

    International Symposium on Dairy, Livestock & Poultry in Karnal...

    International Symposium on Future of Indian Poultry, Dairy & Livestock Industry Vision 2020 1st-2nd December 2011, NDRI, Karnal Haryana, INDIA VISION 2020 - INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON FUTURE OF INDIAN POULTRY...
  7. P

    chicken poultry

    we are in need of poultry farm or shed for lease or rent bases in Bangalore or 90km from Bangalore , its urgent please call with regards, prithvi
  8. A

    All kind of roofing and shed solutions

    we offer all kind of roofing solutions for very reasonable rate .we also construct green house shed and also other sheds,even chettinad type tiles sheet etc.make your garden,farm ,car shed,guest house beautiful with our roofing solutions.we can do according to your budget.Please send me all the...
  9. S

    Help Needed

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have around 1 acre of land in Kerala where I want to start Poultry/Dairy. 1. What would be the ideal initial amount required to start these businesses. 2. What willl be th break even period 3. Expected Annual Cost/Revenues
  10. M

    Need help regarding Veterinary Medicines

    Hi All, I wish to know more about Veterinary Medicines. Please PM your contact detials, if you are a retired Veterinary Sales Reps or Veterinary Doctor with Poultry Farms. I wish to know more about Poultry & Swine medicines & Feed Additives. I Clearly specify retired because, I am interested...
  11. S

    Immuno stimulant for poultry and cattle

    We request interested dealers to market our herbal immunostimulant and herbal antibiiotics in the field of poultry and cattle.
  12. J

    Sheeps For Sale - Ramnad Sheep

    Dear Viewer, RAMNAD SHEEP Location : MADURAI 22Nos. Sheep for Sale Batch 1 One Year Old Sex: Male 5 Nos Batch 2 Ten Month Old Sex: Male 17 Nos. Balance Remaining: 22 Nos. Batch 1 Average weight of Sheep : 40.Kgs. Batch 2 Average weight of Sheep: 33 Kgs. Thanks...
  13. A

    EMU Chicks for sale in Basar, Andhra pradesh

    Hi, We have good quality EMU Chicks for sale. The farm is located in Basar, Andhrapradesh. The price of chicks vary depending on the age. The 3months old chicks are priced @ 8000/- . PLease contact for more details. Thanks Aravind
  14. S

    Emu Hen

    I heard Emu hen (breed from Australia) farming getting popular because of the associated benefits. Can you please advise, the availability, cost & farming requirements of Emu hen ? Thanks in advance. Br, Srinivas
  15. R

    Few questions for a startup animal husbandry project

    Hey everyone This is my first post at this forum, I am quite happy that such a forum is as prominent as it is. So my question or rather situation here is, I have some 1 acre land in himachal; near Solan which I want to put to use, I and a friend have a keen interest on rabbit breeding...
  16. I

    Country Chicken For Sale

    Country chicken is ready for Sale. (Weight from 250gms to 1kG). Day older country chicks and Country Eggs also available. Poultry Farm equipments also available with us. If you need any guidance or consultant related to "country chicken farm" . you can call me on my mobile 9629687398...
  17. bharatbook

    Report on Analysis and Forecast of China Live hog, Layers and Broilers added a new report on "Report on Analysis and Forecast of China Live hog, Layers and Broilers (2009-2010)" which gives broiler market developments and change characteristics in 2009. Report on Analysis and Forecast of China Live hog, Layers and Broilers (2009-2010) China's...
  18. W

    Finance and Subsidy

    I would like to know if there is any subsidy such as capital investment subsidy or any other for of incentive and subsidy for starting of a new Poultry Hatchery with Parent Stock in the NORTH EAST.
  19. M

    Chicken egg farming

    My self mansoor from ratnagiri, i want to start chicken egg farming to sell eggs in market with around 3000 hens , can any one guide me how to start , and which type of farming is good CAGED OR OPEN, and from where to purchase hens, Please contact.... AWAITING FOR YOUR PROMPT AND FAVOURABLE...
  20. G

    2 Acres land required in maharashtra

    2 Acres agri land required in Maharashtra,near Pune or Mumbai for farm house & poultry Please email Please contact....