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    For Sale Polyhouse for rent East Gangavaram, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh.

    2 playhouses each one is 10 guntas or 1000 sq yard with 2 container rooms with attached bathrooms and 50 lack capacity ponds and plastic storage tanks ready for rent, location is east gangavaram, prakasam district, andhra Pradesh. Medi
  2. A

    Advertising Consultancy for indoor fish farming, black pepper farming, farming in polyhouse

    Available consultancy services for indoor fish farming, black pepper farming, farming in polyhouse. Interested persons may contact
  3. K

    Land Available Agricultural land for rent which ios 20 km from Bangalore

    Dear all, We have 30 acres of land 20 km from bangalore.as of now it has 700 nos kesar and mallika and 3000 alphonso ,400 coconut ,1500 bananaa,2000 areca plants , 2 acres of ponds around 3 pondsfor fish culture , 1 acre of polyhouse with good water facility and 1.5 km frm national highway. If...
  4. D

    For Sale Polyhouse on Rent

    I am looking for a 1 Acre polyhouse on rent near Mumbai. Areas like Shahpur, Igatpuri, Panvel, Karjat, Pali, Talegaon, Pune preferred. Please contact me if anyone is willing to give the polyhouse on a long lease
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    Question Advice needed on polyhouse farming for 10 acres Land in Chitradurga ( Karnataka)

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and to agriculture. I have 10 acre land 20 KM from Chitradurga. I am planning to cultivate crops hence need sincere ideas. I bought the land few years back and it has just been there till now. The land was last used may be 20 years back after nothing has been sown...
  6. P

    Advertising 1 Acre Polyhouse at Denkanikottai - Available on Rent

    Hi, I own a 1 acre poly-house and am planning to give it for lease. It is a nicely constructed one with the following facilities drip irrigation with 5HP pump shower line with 2HP pump 7.5HP bore-well pump rain water harvested from top of poly-house into a sump bore-well with good yield...
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    Ashok Barekere – IT Engineer turned farmer grows gerbera flowers in polyhouse at Turuvekere, Tumkur

    “Floriculture is profitable than horticulture crops. It is mostly done in polyhouse therefore capital investment in floriculture is high but return on investment and overall profit is much better than open cultivation. I did earn decent money in papaya in open cultivation but to earn huge...
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    Vishal Shaukeen – Engineer turned farmer from Delhi

    Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself? Sure. I am Vishal and I hail from Delhi. I am 25 years old and I have been farming on my own land in Delhi for the last two and a half years now. I have about 20 acres of land under open field cultivation and another two and a half acres under...
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    Mr. Shashikant Patil- Yash Nursery, Shirpur, Maharashtra

    Mr. Shashikant Patil has his own polyhouse farm and runs a nursery to promote more farmers to cultivate good crop. Mr. Shashikant Patil, a brief introduction about yourself, please. I hail from Maharashtra. I did my Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University. For about 30 years I have...
  10. SupportTeam

    Construction of polyhouse in 1 acre in Telengana state

    I want more details about construction of polyhouse in 1 acre in telengana state , kindly provide me the cost factor and benefits ------ This message was received by AgricultureInformation.com support team. We are posting it here for public discussion and knowledge sharing.
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    Hybrid cucumber seeds for polyhouse cultivation available

    Dear all Hybrid cucucmber varities for polyhouse cultivation are avialable : various companies seeds : seminis , Enza zaden , Feto miniangel , knownyou seed Interested may contact us sumanagritech@live.com , 9454301710
  12. G

    1 time investment with profit for 3 generations.Find how?

    When you have a choice of investing once and you get profit from your investment for 3 generations. would you go for it or not? find how?Project Polyhouse
  13. M

    Poly house supervisor required at Khopoli Maharashtra

    Supervisor required to look after one acre poly house for gerbera flowers. Person should have atleast 2 years experience of running a poly house for gerbera flowers. Contact 9833046615 or email emkay.flora@gmail.com
  14. S

    Polyhouse Construction - Questions

    Dear All, I am planning a 1000sft polyhouse for organic home grown vegetables at my new home Right now we have levelled the land and next week proposing to make beds using redsoil and cowdung + coconut coir mixture. I also happened to speak with polyhouse manufacturer's locally and they quote...
  15. K

    Guide for polyhouse setup in VPO near Payal. district Ludhiana Punjab

    Anybody here who can guide us for Poyhouse setup in Punjab: 1) Investment 2) Crops 3) Cultivation 4) Marketing 5) Net Projected Profit yearly 6) Setup Process 7) Subcidy 8) Min and max area that can covered for Poyhouse Thank you email- kanwargrewal@gmail.com
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    Looking for around1000 Sq Mtr Green House on LEASE

    Hi I am looking for app 1000 - 1500 Sq Mtr Greenhouse in excellent cpndition on lease in Agra. Site should have electricity and good quality water available. Are you having cooling facility at Greenhouse. Please contact.
  17. A

    Horticulture Consultant in Indore

    Hi All, We need experience horticulture consultant for protected cultivation in Indore. Please message details at my full name @ gmail . com Regards, Arpit Badjatya
  18. S

    regarding polyhouse,nethouse, shadenet,polycarbonate,

    We are the government recognised organisation and in the field of polyhouse construction, nethouse construction, and are working all over india . we invite all the interested parties who have interest or any quieres , we are ready to solve it. for any quieries write to sumanagritech@live.com...
  19. J

    Looking for Consultant and Business Partners

    Dear Members, I am planning to set up hi tech integrated agriculture and horticulture in Karnataka. I am in the process of getting land from Governement on long term lease. My plan is to set up integrated agriculture and horticulture (both open and polyhouse cultivation) on a land of 50...
  20. M

    require used poly house

    Require old poly house 3 to 4 acre.