Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. educationteam

    Prashant Chaturvedi - Aloevera cultivation

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Aloevera cultivation with Prashant Chaturvedi of Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS) Jaipur To know more about Prasant Chaturvedi follow the link below. In this live discussion you will be able to ask...
  2. R

    Aloe vera leaves, Aloe vera suckers, Milk Thistle

    Aloe vera leaves, Aloe vera suckers, Milk Thistle available in bulk. For more details, private message. Thanks
  3. E

    Online Plant Nursery

    Buy plants online.first time in India and any where in India.log in Welcome To Exotic Flora[/url][/U]. over 700 varieties of all types of plants are just a click away to buy.
  4. P

    wanted for 75 acre industrial estate development

    we require tie up for plantation of varieties of grass, plants and trees for the road sides and junctions for the industrial estate layout development . near bagalur in Hosur Taluk. Kindly may contact our officer Mr. Raao.
  5. T

    Indoor Plants & Allied products outlet

    I want to start an Outlet where I intend to sell indoor plants, bonsai, planters etc. What are the legal requirements or documentation to do so. Can any one provide a start up check list. Kindly guide.
  6. P

    VAM Fungi (Arbuscular Mycorrhiza), Suitable for tree plants

    We can supply Vermiculated AM Fungi (Arbuscular Mycorrhiza), which is cultivated and grown in our land for our plants such as teak, red sandal, sandal plant and sandal nursery. We can provide you the same AM Fungi for you. AM Fungi is very good bio fertilizer for tree plants such as Teak,Red...
  7. K

    Mother India Nursery

    To make our business grow and make it reachable to more people, we have designed our new website for all types of plants, shrubs, trees ....... online brochure and contact feel free for landscaping ideas, designs and consultancy contact
  8. E

    pepper plants,Cardamom plants and all types of agricultural seeds are available

    Hi all, we supplies the bulk quantity of pepper plants,cardamom plants,arecanut plants,coconut plants,sandalwood plants,cocoa plants and all types of agriculture seeds.if you in need please contact us.
  9. I

    Thymus vulgaris seeds for sale

    Thymus vulgaris Family: Labiatae Local Medicinal use of Common Thyme: Thyme has a very long history of folk use for a wide range of ailments. It is very rich in essential oils and these are the active ingredients responsible for most of the medicinal properties. In particular, thyme...
  10. N

    Imported Varieties of Orchids: Nisha Orchids Importers & growers

    We import quality Orchids Plants from Thailand for Wholesales/Retailers/Hobbyists of India. If you are Orchid Enthuasist, Nisha Orchids is must visit place for you. We have our lastest shipment of Vanda, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Cattleay ready for sale. All plants are with flowers for your easy...
  11. B

    Nepali satavar,serpentina , stevia plants for sale

    Best quality plants for sale 1 = serpentina 2 = nepali satavar 3= stevia plants
  12. S

    "stevia banned in india" .. By fssai

    NOW STEVIA IS BANNED IN INDIA - Sourabh Agarwal, India Stevia Association, New Delhi, India It is quite unfortunate that Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a notice no. : P.15025/133/2011-PFA/FSSAI dated 26-7-11, banning Stevia in India. By way of this notice...
  13. A

    Fencing plants

    Can anyone tell me, which are the plants not eaten by cows/buffaloes and goats? Basically I need to plant them as "fencing" around my land.
  14. A

    Teak plantation - chennai- guidance needed

    I own 10,000 sq ft of land in a layout near sriperambudur, Chennai. It is basically a typical residential layout. As of now there are no houses and we dont foresee any houses coming up in the adjacent plots for the next 5 yrs atleast, and even i dont have any plans of selling or building...
  15. A

    Lemon plants wanted

    am looking for lemon plants to be grown in Sonha, Haryana. Since you seem to be in a position to offer the same, pl let me have the following details: 1. Variety of lemon plants you offer and its speciality 2. Age of the plants you offer 3. Height of the plants 4. When will they start...
  16. S

    strawberry and chrysanthemum cuttings

    we provide strawberry and chrysanthemum cutting both rooted for Rs5/plant retail farm gate prise from talegaon Pune. Contact for details and bulk purchase rates.
  17. G

    High profitable crops/plants

    I am currently in my native pllace in punjab and we have more than 2 acre of farming land. and I am thinking of doing farming myself and in search of high profitable crops/plants per acre with input cost and net profit approx. can you suggest some?
  18. S

    Sale of 156 acres revenue earning farm nearby karur

    Location: Karur (20 Kms from City Limit) Ownership: Single owner Road Access: 30 ft Panchayat Road in 3 sides Total Farm land – 156 acres Trees: Mango (Pangana palli & Imam Pasa)- 65 Acres Gooseberry ( Nellikai) (NA7)- 60 Acres Coconut (360+950= 1310 trees ) -12 Acres Lemon - 5...
  19. J

    Agathi seeds

    Hi, Wanted Agathi seeds for fodder purpose, if any having the seed available kindly contact Thanks
  20. A

    Strawberry Plants for Sale

    How about growing your own Strawberry plants and enjoying these delicious beauties at home? This offer is for people in and around Pune region. Two Strawberry mature plants ready to fruit in a plastic bucket with coco peat. You can plant them in soil in your garden or you can continue to grow...