Teak plantation - chennai- guidance needed


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I own 10,000 sq ft of land in a layout near sriperambudur, Chennai. It is basically a typical residential layout. As of now there are no houses and we dont foresee any houses coming up in the adjacent plots for the next 5 yrs atleast, and even i dont have any plans of selling or building anything for next 10 yrs.

Taking that background, I thought of putting that land for some useful purpose. Someone was suggesting to put teak wood plantations. And I was told that Mahogany variety and Kumil trees give excellent returns after 10-15 yrs.

Any plant i put, it has to be dependent on the rains. Since the rainy season in chennai is between september to november, Can any one suggest which is the best way forward. Taking into consideration the typical chennai summer heat, can you ppl suggest the best way forward

Or if you think of any other plant which can just grow based on the rains....pls suggest


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teak plants

dear friend ,you please go for tissue culture teak. it will give early income .further details call u please send ur email id to this number .i will send detaied information.
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teak palnts reg-

dear sir,

Teak is the best choice in your need,
we Have best teak plants also, we near by Chidamparam..

Pls Conduct us

Mr Jayaraj
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Dear brother iam in tamilnadu,spkbiotech is my company kind contact me for ur query
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