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    coleus planting material available

    we can supply coleus planting material in bulk ,pls contact genuine buyer with terms call . on us. regards, Suressh.M.R.
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    Ginkgo biloba and worldwide market

    This refers to Ginkgo which is in the worldwide news. Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest living tree species and its leaves are among the most extensively studied botanicals in use today. In Europe and the United States, Ginkgo supplements are among the best-selling herbal medications. It...
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    Lemon grass 'krishna' plants for sale

    we have 20 lakh lemon grass 'krishna' plantation ready for sale. contact us
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    Gingko biloba leaf/Seeds/plants available at Kashmir

    We are one of the premier registered Agriculture, Horticulture & Flouriculture based institution involved in production,development,trading and exporting of RAW HERBS, FRUITS, SPICES, Fruit,Medicinal Plants and Vegetable seeds from The country of Kashmir. Dry Herbs Hemidesmus indicus...
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    Bamboo cultivars plants

    We are looking for Bamboo cultivars of different types in nursery bags . Growers who have stocks please respond with details as early as possible. Dendrocalamus, Bamboosa etc Thanks JAGS
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    Lemon grass plantation

    we have lemon grass plantation for sale . quantity available is 90 lakh plants. price is very nominal.also available is isabgol seed (100 kg). interested people may get back to us
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    Jamarosa plants for sale

    We have 10 lakh plants of jamarosa for sale. @ .20 paisa per plant . any body if interested may call us...
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    Padanus Basmati Needed

    Kindly inform me that from where can i get few plants of Padanus Basmati. A detailed article was published long ago by Dr S K Ghosh in Agri Info. Thx! Manu Bharradwaj Please contact......
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    Stevia varieties

    I'm a Phd student and I'm developing a project based on Stevia cultuvation in Italy. I'm searching to differents kind of Stevia varieties. if you know where I can buy them, please let me know something. Thank yiu for the attention Filippo
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    root anatomy

    Hi, I am looking for a website which can be a sort of an encyclopedia for plants. I am particularly looking for plant anatomy. Anyone knows any website?