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    Bedding Composter for Dairy Farms

    Bedding Composter is a semi-closed system known as “in-vessel composting” in compost literature is a aerobic compostioning technology. The system basically prepares the ideal conditions for accelarating the activities of the bacteria in the organical waste. The moisture ratio temperature and...
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    Benefits of Using a Cow Brush in Dairy Farms

    It is designed to provide relief and relaxation to cows by cleaning and massaging their skin. Dirt and dust that accumulate on cow’s skin cause discomfort to the animal and can harbor harmful parasites if not cleaned off periodically. Cow Brush provides a self-cleaning set up for the cows...
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    Dairy Farms - Manure Separator

    Today many countries in the world use manure handling equipment in dairy and pig farms. In the USA, Netherlands, Germany, France and also in South East Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Manure separation technolgy is simply dewatering the manure obtained in dairy farm barns into solid...
  4. I

    Wanted dairy / food processing business for outright acquisition

    Looking for a medium to large scale: 1) running or a closed dairy / milk processing plant in any state in india 2) any other food processing business please contact with relevant details.
  5. V

    Dairy Farm Sale

    We have dairy farm in cumbum Theni District. We are going to sale the Farm with cows,generator,milking machine and farm equipments etc. If you are interested please call me +919677247232. Regards,
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    Golden opportunity to export to oman. Participate in gafaex 2013

    Dear all We are having GAFAEX 2013 in Oman* Date: 28-30 October 2013 Venue: Oman International Exhibition Center, Seeb Any company related to Agriculture, fisheries, animal feeds and supply, dairy, packaging technology etc. Can partiipate.Very good opportunity to enter Oman market.Oman...
  7. educationteam

    Parmeshwar Hegde - Dairy farming - Saturday Sep 28, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Dairy farming with Parmeshwar Hegde of MagDairy farm consultancy centre, Bengaluru. To know more about Parmeshwar Hegde follow the link below Home - MagDairy Farm Consultancy Centre In this live discussion you will be able to ask...
  8. educationteam

    Deepak Khurana - Dairy farming - Tuesday July 23, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Dairy farming with Deepak Khurana of Khurana Dairy farm, Rohtak, Haryana To know more about Deepak Khurana follow the link below Khurana Dairy Farm | Agriculture and Industry Survey In this live discussion you will be able to ask...
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    EYS - Manure Separator - Cow Brush - Dairy Farm - TURKEY

    EYS is a one-stop solutions provider for your dewatering and composting needs. It serves multiple industries where separated solids and/or liquids from the original fiber-rich waste can be reclaimed as either by-products or to be fed back into the main process. We manufacture manure...
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    [B] Milk Process & Packaging Unit for Sale [/B]

    Machine Details Packet Machine Air Compressor AC Motor - 2HP SS Tank - 300 ltr Capacity Steel Pipe Price/Date Imprinter Stabilizer Change Over - Switch - Electric to Generator Panel Board Motor Starter Panels Capacitor Homogenizer Machine AC 2HP Motor Starter Panel Pasteurizer SS Tank - 300...
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    Consultancy for Dairy Farms

    We Ennar Business Consultants provide consultancy for setting up of small medium and large Hitech dairy farms. We can offer following services to you • Preparation of bankable project report. • Scientific design of cattle house and dairy farm layout • Cultivation techniques of the...
  12. educationteam

    Sunil Kumar - Dairy Farming

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Dairy Farming with Sunil Kumar of ENNAR Business Consultants, Thiruvananthapuram How to attend this online meeting: Date: April 25, 2013 Time: 2.30pm IST Location: Online Meeting via GoToMeeting. Limited seats available. First come...
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    Dairy Farm for sale, 11 acres, 1000 animals,

    Hi, Ready dairy farm ammmenities is available at padgha. which is 25 kms from thane, 50 kms from mumbai, 15 kms from kalyan, 13 kms from bhiwandi. It is spread in 11 acres, and shed with godown, clinic area, dedicated medical area, bio gas plant, rooms with attached toilet, bunglow is ready...
  14. M

    Wanted 30 Acre Farm Land

    Wanted 30 Acre Farm Land in Udaipur or Sirohi District With Clear Title For Outright Purchase; please contact
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    Want 2 acres of Agri land around Coimbatore

    Dear Friends, I am planning to start a dairy farm on the outskirts of Coimbatore. So, I would like to purchase 2 to 3 acres of land with good water facility/road access/EB Connection around coimbatore. Expected price is 4 to 5 Lakhs Per acre. Please Let me know Thanks Suresh
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    Require Agriculture Land In & Around Hosur

    Kind Attn, Please note that we require 10 Hectares of undisputed Agriculture land with clear title in and around Hosur. Genuine sellers please email the details
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    125 Acres Farm Land available

    [B][B]We have 125 Acres of Certified Organic Farmland at village Ghui 16 Kms north-west from Yavatmal a district headquarter in Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra State. 70 Acres Piece of this Farmland is located near Shingandoh Irrigation Tank, here 50 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August...
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    HF Cows for sale near Bangalore, kolar, mulbagal

    8 HF Cows 2 - 6 months pregnant, in 2nd and 3rd lactation and 8 female calves/heifers (8 - 18 months of age) for immediate sale Cows are of very good breed which produced between 20 -25 liters of milk a day in early lactation Reason for sale: the borewells at the farm have dried up and...
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    Land available for Dairy, Goat , Poultry or Cattle Breading Projects

    We have 125 acres agri land on the bank of a minor irrigation project with irrigation facility and bore-wells and farm ponds where 90 acres clonal eucalyptus is planted in 2009 monsoon.This land is 18 kms south west to Yavatmal near Ghui village in Ner taluka. We also have plot and house with...
  20. U

    Question Guidance on fodder cultivation

    Dear Experts, We are group of farm enthusiast aiming to start dairy farm and also growing fodder in our land which is approx. 2 acres. We are planning to grown lucerne and Napier we need expert advice on the following points: 1) We are aiming for 20 units of HF cows initially, since we have...