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125 Acres Farm Land available


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We have 125 Acres of Certified Organic Farmland at village Ghui 16 Kms north-west from Yavatmal a district headquarter in Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra State. 70 Acres Piece of this Farmland is located near Shingandoh Irrigation Tank, here 50 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August 2009 , Electric connection of 7.5+5=12.5 HP connected in December 2011, 3 farm-ponds are dug and water lifting permission from state irrigation department is available.

Another 55 Acres plot adjoining Ghui Percolation Tank in Ghui Village here 40 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August 2009 still rain fed, 2 farm ponds and 2 bore-wells are dug, 3 electric connections of 5 HP= total 15 HP will be connected by October 1012.

We have all the infrastructure i.e.58 HP H.M.T.5911 Model Tractor with all farm implements, tractor driven water lifting pump, Bullock Carts, Tailor's, 5000 Sq.Ft.Plot with Water Well for building Residential, Storage and Processing Unit in Ghui Village.

The land is suitable for Dairy / Poultry / Goshala ( Development of Indian Breeds of Cows and Bullocks) / Goat Farm / Imu Farm / Mango - Sweet Lime - Oranges - Lemon - Custard Apple - Berry - Tamarind - Jamun Orchards under Horticulture Development / Lakh (Resin) Production / Eucalyptus - Subabhul - Bamboo Plantation under Agro Forestry Development / Eucalyptus Citriodora - Chandan - Rakta Chandan - Aloevera Plantation under Essential Oil, Herbal and Medicinal Plants Development / Sugarcane Farming with Gud (Jaggary) Production Unit etc.

Proposals are invited from all interested for Joint Venture / Profit Sharing / Partnership / Stake Holding / Contract Farming etc. Proposals from Persons who are self confident and willing to accept challenges and ready to invest their time (Working Partnership) for share profit / loss but unable to invest are also considered.

If interested please post here we shall contact via pm.

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)