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    I need help from fellow farmers in A.P. in cultivating quinoa. Will buy seeds from you also. Thanks in advance. -JP
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    What price range are you offering?
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    Agricultural land available for sale in Chittoor district

    Pls. send me details and photos
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    Food Security Bill

    To fulfill the demand of food grains to the poor people, Govt. will procure all the grains from the farmers in India as well as import from neighboring countries. If the MSP is good enough for the farmers, then they will prosper. I doubt if Govt. will be able to maintain proper MSP due to a hit...
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    We sell Moringa oliviera seedling and vegetables.

    What is the nutrients composition of your product and what kind of health benefits it provides, pls provide details.
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    Attention All Guar cultivator and farmers

    A sustained fall in the price of guar seed and its derivative, guar gum, has put the BSE-listed Vikas WSP in a tight spot, with its share price down 73 per cent. There has been a surge in sowing and, therefore, in expected output; prices have, accordingly, slid. In April, at the beginning of...
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    Farm land in Goa

    Yes, I am interested. Pls. PM me your mail-id. If possible, pls. send me the DPR. Thanks, JP
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    Land Reforms in India

    Removing land ceiling will hurt small and marginal farmers As per a survey in India, small and marginal farmers constitute 83% with average land holding below 5 acres per farmer. If we remove ceiling of rural lands then lands will be procured by few rich farmers or private firms. The rich...
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    Guar Culitivation

    Guar seeds and guar gum market price is fast declining. The current rate is around Rs. 7700/quintal. Due to good monsoon forecast, it is expected to go down further. If you are cultivating guar now, beware that farm gate price will fetch you not more than Rs. 5000 per quintal and lower if you...
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    Spirulina Capsules @ Re.1/- capsule

    I am interested. Pls. PM me with your contact details. Thanks, -JP
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    How to grow Quinoa Is any one already growing this crop in India? Read in news yesterday that Govt. of India is planning to promote this crop as a pilot project in Anantapur Dt. of A.P. Thanks, -JP
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    Agriculture land business thanks to

    It is good to know that one person has appreciated the forum for a successful deal. I am requesting the genuine land buyers through this forum to share their experiences of any land bought recently, the location, price and whether they were satisfied by the deal. This will really help buyers...
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    Gaur gum status

    As far as South India is concerned, many farmers cultivated guar on small-scale and were able to sell it off at better prices (than Rajasthan Mandis) to fellow farmers nearby and experimenting agriculturists within their respective state, (especially A.P.) Now that prices are hovering below Rs...
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    I agree with Moulirada on the below points. Can any of you suggest on how to practically resolve the issues listed out below? If not, then you need to rethink on the decision to become a farmer. -JP
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    Attention All Guar cultivator and farmers

    Dear newbie farmers of guar gum of A.P. Don't forget to watch second part video on Guar seed cultivation for new farmers on ETV tomorrow (18th Jan 2013) early morning at 06:30 A.M. ETV (telugu channel) Program Name: Annadata (Agriculture program for A.P. farmers.) Hope this helps in answering...

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