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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    I keep my promise. I am still in Organic Farming, going fine Dear All; I had promised that i will get back on my experiences of Organic Farming being managed from Remote. I am an IT professional, still working and maintaining a farm at a remote place around 1500Kms away. I must say...
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    IT to farming Friends: Some time back in another thread I promised I will post my personal experiences on farm development. I am doing that sincerely ever since, if only you have noticed. I am an IT guy above 45 years, still working in Urban area (pune) and trying to setup a farm in a remote...
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    6 Months old Shed for Sale.

    Sir, please send your lowest quote and the photograph. my mail
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    Subsidy on Wind Pump for drawing water - need Help

    Dear Sir, I have personally visited TinyTech India Company in rajkot and have evaluated that. Kindly read my requirement is not for wind Pump I have already decided and purchasing it. I need information about subsidy that is available from our Government.
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    Subsidy on Wind Pump for drawing water - need Help

    I am a small time first generation upcoming organic farmer. I am about to purchase a Wind Pump spending over 2 lacs for my farm in Tirunelveli, TN. Is there any government subsidy i can get over the invoice ? I have searched various sites of non-renewable energy. Though the government...
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    I wanted to meet Nammalwar in his life time. Now could not. Great Person. He has contributed immensly to Organic farming movement like SP. His speeches about tree protections are great inspiration in youtube.
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    Borewell pump problem

    Dear Sir, I am not competent technical guy to answer this question. But still i want to reoly what I think is right. a) The motor coil will get burnt if you run the pump without any load and water. Please donot run the motor if there is no water. b) If your problem is "who will switch off...
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    how to determine fertility of soil

    Dear Sir, Wish you all the best. Kindly go through my blog to know the starting point. I myself is on the journey, but am in a position to share some practical experiences on the way...
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    Needs advice for Organic Farming.

    Dear Sir, appreciate your initiative. Wish you all the best. You have asked questions that will naturally come to mind before starting farming. But once you are involved, these things would come to you naturally. But before reaching that point, the preparatory work will consume most of your...
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    idea for extract water from borewell in diesel engine

    Dear Sir, power will be a continuous requirement. I am not sure if agriculture will be viable with running diesel generator. You need to explore alternate methods of generating power for the farm. I do have few ideas. Kindly write to I can jointly explore with you.
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    What can be grown on a 3 acre land in Pune profitably?

    I am also in Pune and intested in agriculture initiatives. If you are willing to experiment, kindly contact I cannot provide solution, but can suggest few ideas which can be explored.
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    A change in career

    Dear All, as promised i have put my humble efforts to update my blog with my learnings which is unworthy of mention to august audience. Please keep watching this as it is continuously being updated... The notes may be useful to people like me who are first time...
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    A change in career

    Dear Mr. Rao and Others. Inspired by you all and also to fulfill my long lasting desire to share my experience as I go along ( I am still new to Agriculture and has just started my journey), i have started a blog as follows; IT to Farming at Nachankulam I intend to also post my past...
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    A change in career

    I agree. I am also doing this in parallel for the past 3 years. I do draw a lot of inspiration from what I am doing. But money just being spent on this venture. However that money being spent on fencing, labour, drilling, tilling etc are better than wasting money in cities on servent maids...
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    LED Solar Street Light

    Please quote Please give your lowest quote. I need 2 or 3 lamps with post for small farm.

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