Result Oriented Bio-fertilizers, Biopesticides and Growth Promoters


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We, Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd., based in Pune, Maharashtra, is the pioneer in the field of organic farming that foresaw need for organic farming in India at the time when the use of agro-chemicals was appreciated by many. With time, we have expanded our horizon to encompass animal health care and public health care, which forms an important part of agri-ecosystem. Our approach acknowledges the human-animal-nature interaction and try to provide holistic solutions to create a sustainable ecosystem. At Ajay Bio-Tech, our efforts are dedicated to manufacture result oriented products that will combine scientific knowledge and modern biotechnological innovations & bring them close to the community. We offer various research based, result oriented organic, herbal and bio-products in agri-care, veterinary and public health care segments. We have been present in Maharashtra for more than 25 years now and would like to expand our geography outside Maharashtra.

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