organic farming

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    Required Trainer near Amravati to give information about organic farming

    We need a fully trained instructor near Amravati to give information about organic farming Please suggest me those person
  2. worm10

    Advertising Highly Reputed Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Vermicompost ( Organic Fertilizer ), Red Earthworm, Vermibeds,

    We are Highly Reputed Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Vermicompost ( Organic Fertilizer ), Red Earthworm, Vermibeds, With the aim to sell the best organic compost Worldwide. We have come up with products that are 100% original and safe to use. Our items are generated in Gaushala and...
  3. D

    Advertising Compost, Universal Potting Mix & Bio-Enriched Organic Manure available for sale

    We are Earth First Solutions LLP. We produce and market My Happy Garden (MHG) branded eco-products which include Compost, Vermicompost, Potting Mix, Coco-peat & Bio-Enriched Organic Manure. We have a capacity of 200 tons per month. We are based out of Nelamangala, Off Bangalore-Mangalore...
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    Neem oil , Neem cake, Neem seed ,Neem Husk, Neem cake (asha), Neem oil (asha) SALES.... Neem Asha seed PURCHASE
  5. O

    Available Do you Want to Know how Organic Products help in Farming

    If you are a farmer and want to increase your Soil Fertility and Plant growth, and want better results, then you have to use organic products. Organic products help to increase the useful elements of soil or Plants.
  6. B

    Question Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana

    Hello All, Are there any villages in Maharashtra or Madhya Pradesh that are under this Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana scheme. Any Farmers cluster, which may be under formation. I am interested to join the cluster.
  7. S

    Land Required Want land for organic farming

    Hi Guys! I am a researcher currently working on soil. I am planning to start organic farming using updated technology and science. Any land at cheap cost is welcome. Price at 5000 to 10000/acre maximum around 100-200 acre for starting. Road connectivity is must.
  8. K

    For Sale Fresh lettuce, button mushroom, oyster mushroom

    Hi, we grow organic green leafy exotic vegetables and mushrooms. and I am looking for buyers from all over Karnataka
  9. Y

    Question Training in organic farming

    Hello all, Please suggest any in-person training available in organic farming around Bangalore area. Regards.
  10. T

    For Sale Vermicompost for Sale

    Good Quality vermicompost & Vermi beds at the lowest cost.
  11. A

    Question Papaya Cultivation Training

    I am a working professional and wish to start Papaya farming shortly. I have 2 acres of land In Karimnagar in which I would like to do Organic Compost farming and Papaya farming. I stay in Secunderabad and wish to take up any short term training. Please help.
  12. O

    Land Required Land on Lease + Agriculture Expert to Support us start Organic Farming

    Dear Experts, We are looking for 2 - 6 acres of land on lease near Bangalore with necessary support system like water, electricity,etc.., to do organic farming. kindly help us in this process. Also, we need somebody to support us from scratch on the ground. Please send me personal message...
  13. P

    Abhishek Dhama – Engineer turns organic farmer

    How did you come into farming? I completed my engineering in Electronics and Communication in 2013. Thereafter I switched my profession to farming because I love nature. I am a person who goes for a walk early in the morning. I have a great connect with nature and I see benefits of it in my body...
  14. P

    Mr. Ashok Panwar -Farmer - Rijgaon Village, Dewar District, Madhya Pradesh

    It is rare to find uneducated farmers who are extremely proud of their profession. It is rare but they exist. Meet Mr Ashok Panwar, a passionate farmer, who feels if a country cannot be resourced with healthy food, there isn’t any need for farmers. Mr Ashok has received the Krishak Puraskar at...
  15. P

    Mr. Vishweshwara Bhat - CEO - Kadamba Marketing Souharda Sahakari Niyamita (KMSSN)

    The KMSSN, registered under the Souharda Act, has been operational at Sirsi since 2005. They aim at providing economic value to farmer produce of the region. In conversation with Mr. Vishweshwara Bhat, CEO, KMSSN. Mr Vishweshara Bhat, kindly give a brief introduction about yourself and what you...
  16. P

    Mr. Aamir Ahmed - Co-Founder Rewild Life Biodiversity Farms

    Meet Mr Aamir Ahmed, a Master of Business Administration and marketing person turned environmentalist. Through Rewild Life he spreads the word on how to keep every spot that you are part of a bio-diverse hotspot! Hello, Mr Aamir Ahmed. Can we have an overview of Rewild Life and how it came into...
  17. P

    Balbir Singh – Lawyer turned organic farming proponent in Punjab

    Mr. Balbir Singh is a practicing lawyer at the High Court of India. The alarming increase in cancer patients, high mortality rate in poultry and low yield of dairy has triggered him to venture into the field of agriculture. He has currently taken up the initiative in driving the state of Punjab...
  18. P

    Nitin Kumar Kajla – progressive farmer from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

    Farmers’ land is an open working laboratory to develop effective and efficient bio-solutions to increase the crop yield. One such laboratory belongs to Mr. Nitin Kumar Kajla. It is functional at Bhatipura village, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. “There is no need for going to the market for purchasing...
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    Arjun Patidar – progressive farmer from Mandsaur district, Madhya Pradesh

    “Nature is truly magical. All the plants and trees existing on the planet Earth are having some or the other distinctive medicinal property. There are numerous solutions available in organic farming for all the problems. Our integrated farm became profitable only after we turned our back on the...
  20. Rajani_VMG

    Thaithal Village – community driven self-supported village

    “We wanted 24/7 access to pure water, pure air, pure food and pure relationships along with love and satisfaction so we left our busy city lives and selected the village life. Here we have good support from nature hence life is extremely fulfilling,” shares Mr. Mohan Chavara Kalya, sculptor...

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