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  1. dhanushagrofarms

    Organic Fertilizer - Yield Booter Marketing Partner / Distributors / Re Seller

    “Fish Amino Nutrients” Liquid Plant Growth Promoter Naturally Processed – Yield Booster. Manufactures - Dhanush Agro Farms Fish Amino Acid is not prepared waste fish as prepared conventionally by farmers. At Dhanush Agro Farms - “Fish Amino Nutrients” Is Processed form Whole fish...
  2. N

    NBS Complete Nutrient Farming Solution Kit for all crops,vegetables,fruits & flower

    Our Company, Nutrition Bio Systems Pvt ltd (NBS) is in collaboration with an AUSTRALIAN Organization. The aim of the company is to revolutionize the practices followed for Agriculture in India. We are the Solo Distributors of products manufactured by the Australian Firm named Nutri-Tech...
  3. A

    Result Oriented Bio-fertilizers, Biopesticides and Growth Promoters

    We, Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd., based in Pune, Maharashtra, is the pioneer in the field of organic farming that foresaw need for organic farming in India at the time when the use of agro-chemicals was appreciated by many. With time, we have expanded our horizon to encompass animal health...
  4. P

    Neem based fertilizers and pesticides consultancy given

    i have 10 years experience in the Manufacture of bio-degradable neem based agro products.Small investment for people already having space and factory. my products have been exported to Spain .can contact me at 28140320/044.MR.Rao
  5. V

    organic bio-fertilizer selling (wood ash)

    The company "IP Gorbunov" sells sifted ash of leafy sorts woods (beautiful organic bio-fertilizer for your plants) and charcoal of leafy sorts woods from own warehouse in Moscow (Russia). The goods packed up in plastic bags per 10 kg (other packing is possible according to recipient desire)...
  6. O

    Natural Organic Fertiliser

    Vermi compost available in Mumbai Rs.10/- per Kg, in 5Kg packets only. Rs.50/= per packet

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