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We at Bamboo Rustles have a small piece of land located about 2 hours from Bangalore near Krishnagiri near the town of Vepannapalli. Our piece of land is located within a beautiful valley of dry deciduous and scrub forest.

On this small piece of land we have initiated the process of organic farming by cultivating vegetables such as capsicum, bitter gourd, tomato, pumpkin etc. We hope to soon produce vegetables for fruits like papaya, bananas, pomegranate etc for our consumption and supply to the local markets. As being a small farm we have not yet gone into organic certification of any kind yet.

We are always eager to welcome those who are interested in organic farming and can lend the much required helping hand. Apart from helping in the already existing vegetable garden you would be provided ample space for initiating and experimenting in other organic processes of your choice and interest. We provide basic accommodation (tent / small room) and simple tasty vegetarian food. We also have a motorbike at the farm which can be utilized to commuting for errands to the village close by.

For those who are passionate and interested please do get in touch with us for further details. Those who have intent and commit to contribute in the farm for period greater than a month will also be compensated with a small stipend for all their efforts.

We look to hear from you.


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