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    Require helping hands - organic farming

    We at Bamboo Rustles have a small piece of land located about 2 hours from Bangalore near Krishnagiri near the town of Vepannapalli. Our piece of land is located within a beautiful valley of dry deciduous and scrub forest. On this small piece of land we have initiated the process of organic...
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    international internship provider

    Dear Boys or Girls This is Elly from Ningbo Wencheng International Student Internship Inc(NOWISI) Nice to meet you! Do you think a good university can make you more sucessful?I think not.When you graduate from university just now,i think your life of society start really just now.At the same...
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    Internship for Agronomy student

    I am a french student. I am in Master’s degree in agronomy engineering at Montpellier Supagro, France. I am looking for an internship in an agricultural farm in South America (I am actually in Santiago, Chile) begining on September 2011. I am interested in working at the production and at the...