Purchase Farm Land around Pune



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I am a completely newbie in this area; but that doesn't stop me from being enthusiastic.

I need help from the experts here:

1. I am interested in purchasing a farm land around Pune region in Maharashtra.
2. How much would be the total entry level cost?
3. Do I need to stay at the region to maintain it? or Can it be outsourced to any third party?
4. What are the good items that can be cultivated in the region?
5. How does the cultivation go to supply chain of sale-purchase?

I am sorry, I had so many questions; but I am really interested to get into farm land.



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There are a lot of other things to take into consideration before you really think of the questions you have asked................ The first and foremost being that you have to have a farming background to buy agri land or have to have be from a family that already has agri land. That is the rule in Maharashtra.