Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. N

    For Sale Pomegranate for sale near Saswad, Pune

    Pomegranate ready for harvesting. Around 2200 trees. Looking for wholesale buyers, loaders to buy all produce. Immediate interest requested.
  2. Rajani_VMG

    Rich N Fresh Organic Vegetables N Fruits – 12 friends start shopping mall to sell their organic farm

    12 friends start shopping mall to sell their organic farm produce in Pune, Maharashtra “Farming is the only profession in India where the producer doesn’t fix the price of his farm products no matter if it is grown organically or inorganically! We 12 members (school friends) went against this...
  3. A

    wanted - organic fruits and vegetables near mumbai

    Hi We are a bunch of iitb alumni, and we have started a company for organic fruits and vegetables retail - We are looking for vendors for continuous supply to mumbai. Contact me at thanks Akhil Garg
  4. A

    wanted organic farmers near mumbai

    Hi We need organic farmers for fruits and vegetables, near mumbai. we will prefer any organic farmers groups, who can give the supply to mumbai. Thanks
  5. S

    2.75 acres Agricultural land (bagayati) for sale near Pune

    Hi all, Agricultural land (bagayati) for SALE near Pune. Location: Pune - AhemadNagar Road, one hour journey from Pune. Complete Bagayati Land. Crop producing land. With motor pump. Drop irrigation system. Road connectivity & easily accessible. Water & electricity available. No...
  6. P

    need info regarding Zucchini seeds in Pune

    Hi All, Please let me know , where I can find zucchini seeds in Pune? also , it will be very good to know if anyone from Pune and around into its cultivation! thanks, Pradip
  7. S

    1.5acre chrysanthemum working project for rent or sale

    1.5 acre green houses with a running chrysanthemum project available for rent or sale at Talegaon MIDC Floriculture park
  8. J

    Land Required Wanted : Agri land near PUNE

    I am planning to build a greenhouse near pune. So, I need 2+ acre agriculture land to the west side of pune i.e. near paud, mulshi, lavasa etc. People with knowledge about the land around these areas, please reply.
  9. P

    Wanted...Agricultural land between mumbai and pune... with water facility..

    Dear all I am interested in agriculture and I am in need of agri land between mumbai and pune... Please call me at 8454844292, if anyboday has agriculture land... Vishal
  10. M

    Wanted Agriculatural Land Near Rajgurunagar-Maval NEAR PUNE,MAHARSHTRA

    Dear Friends, I am Genuine interested In buying 1 Acre to 6 Acre Agri land in Khed or Maval Taluka, Pune District
  11. S

    Need 5 to 20 acres of agriculture land in Maharashtra

    Dear Friends, I want to buy 5 - 20 acres of agriculture land in Maharashtra at following preferred locations. Want to buy it for farming purpose. Need clear title land. Preference 1: In 60 -80 KM radius of Pune Preference 2: In 20-30 KM radius of Nashik Preference 3: In 10-20 KM radius of...
  12. S

    100 MT Export Quality Red Onion available in Pune

    All, 100 MT Red Onion available near Pune. Export Quality. For details please contact me. Regards, Santosh
  13. E

    Mangaon - Land sale (Resale)

    We are looking to sell 50 acres of agricultural land at one of our project. Transaction type is Re-sale hence all papers and title are clear. Land is 15 Kms from Mangaon- Raighad (97 kms from Panvel). Contact me
  14. V

    Agriculture Show in Pune from 14th to 18th Dec

    Dear all, This is for information only, There is a Agricultre show from 14th to 18th Dec in Pune , for more details please check the site . Please note : I am not associated with the site/any persons related to it,this is just information dissemination. :rolleyes:
  15. I

    Purchase Farm Land around Pune

    Hi, I am a completely newbie in this area; but that doesn't stop me from being enthusiastic. I need help from the experts here: 1. I am interested in purchasing a farm land around Pune region in Maharashtra. 2. How much would be the total entry level cost? 3. Do I need to stay at the...
  16. B

    Introduction : Boni, Pune, MH

    I grew up eating good vegetable farmed by father and mother in the land surrounding the houses I lived. Now a father I would like to give those same invaluable opportunities to my family. Being a city dweller, soon to move into a house with some cultivable land I am starting off with 120sqft...
  17. K

    Wanted Agriculture Land within 4-5 hours from Pune

    Hi, I am looking for Agricultural land with following amneties : - Able to take all crops - All clear papers (30 years records/50 years records) - Ample Water - Electricity Seperate connection - Approach Road (May not be on Highway, Kucccha road inside is also fine ) Looking for...
  18. O

    Wanted Organic Tomato seeds

    Wanted Organic tomato seeds in small quantities in Mumbai. Indeterminate high yielding variety. Its a vine that last a minimum of a year yield good quantity of fruit throughout. Supposed to be available in the Pune region. Regards
  19. A

    interested to buy agriculture land asap

    i am interested to buy agricultural land in and around pune-preferably in satara area.I am open to talk with people who are read to sell the land and later work on the land.if any one is facing private loan problems,bank loan problems i can help. i prefer to have something close to pune-like...
  20. R

    Looking for agricultural land near Pune

    I am looking for agricultural land about 10 acres near pune (within 80 kms). The land should have electricity, road access and water. please send me all the details . Plese also send your contact number