buy farm land

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    Buy Farm land in Hyderabad at reasonable price Now

    Agricultural / Farm Land prices around Hyderabad are set to grow in near future. Buy Agricultural lands around Hyderabad Now, if you are planning to start Organic farming, Fruits gardens, Cash crops, Farm house, Solar power plants etc. or just like to invest in property for commercial...
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    Land for sale in Tamilnadu Around 100Acres

    About 100 Acres with Seven Bore wells are to be sold in NAGAPATTINAM disrict with 2000 square feet house and 15 Acres of coconut plantation worth INR 3.55 crore is ready for sale. Contact
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    Procedure for Agri-Land Acquisition in India

    Hi, I want to know the process to become a farmer and acquire Agri-Land in various parts of the country. Please explain the process, if none of my family members are currently in Farming, i.e. in which States in India can I acquire Agri-Land and start Farming / Agricultural Activities...
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    Purchase Farm Land around Pune

    Hi, I am a completely newbie in this area; but that doesn't stop me from being enthusiastic. I need help from the experts here: 1. I am interested in purchasing a farm land around Pune region in Maharashtra. 2. How much would be the total entry level cost? 3. Do I need to stay at the...

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