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I have 50 acre land currently under cotton and potato cultivation. I want to do innovative farming and earn at least 1 lakh per acre per year. Good water available here. I am thinking about setting up 2 acre green house plz suggest me good crop for green house to earn 6 lakh per acre.
also want to grow custard apple in 10 acre plz suggest if you can suggest any other plantation crop
and agro forestry in rest I want to grow trees in 15 acre which give return in 6-7 years suggest me from poplar,melia Dubai,bamboo,eucalyptus
15 acre which give good re return in 12-15 years
and rest 10 acre which give return in 20-25 years teak or sandalwood

you can suggest me any other trees as well consultancy is welcome I am happy to pay you but plz first suggest good business plan with which I am happy to work.
land is in Gujarat.

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We provide Farm Advisory Services, we can assist you in developing good farm plan that can provide you better returns based upon your needs and requirements. Do send me mail in this regard.


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Please contact us for project report for availing Bank term loan:

G.Ananda rao B.Sc(Ag)
Agri Finance consultant, Vijaya Agro & SME Consultants
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