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    Question Inter cropping options in eucalyptus farm ?

    A friend of mine has a three acre three year old eucalyptus farm but the growth of the plants was not upto the mark as he is having a regular job and couldn't provide sufficient time to farming. Now he wishes to plan for inter crops between the eucalyptus plants simultaneously as he got work...
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    need valuable suggestion for agroforestry

    I have 50 acre land currently under cotton and potato cultivation. I want to do innovative farming and earn at least 1 lakh per acre per year. Good water available here. I am thinking about setting up 2 acre green house plz suggest me good crop for green house to earn 6 lakh per acre. also want...
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    Eucalypatus citridora oil

    We are ALLLURED HINDFRAG. ,Manufacturer cum supplier of essential oils & aroma chemicals from India. We are pleased to offer Eucalypatus citridora oil/Lemon citronella oil /Lemongrass oil. Availble qty Lemon Citronella-540 Kgs per week Lemongrass-5 MT Eucalypatus Citridora Oil -540 Kgs Per...

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