1. B

    Land Required Looking for land in Odisha

    Hi community! Looking for 15/20 acres in Odisha at Rs.1 lac/acre. Proximity to Bhubaneswar preferred. Barren land ok. Intention is to regenerate the land and create a permaculture farm.
  2. S

    Question Agroforestry

    I have few questions regarding taking up agroforestry due to new to agriculture. 1 ) what is minimum size of land preferable to takeup agroforestry concept? 2) what are the plants/saplings that helps in long term (20years and above) wealth creation in wild conditions (less manpower utilization)...
  3. D

    need valuable suggestion for agroforestry

    I have 50 acre land currently under cotton and potato cultivation. I want to do innovative farming and earn at least 1 lakh per acre per year. Good water available here. I am thinking about setting up 2 acre green house plz suggest me good crop for green house to earn 6 lakh per acre. also want...
  4. V

    Invest in agroforestry

    Hi, Interested in investing in agro forestry? assured 11.3% tax free return. Pls visit Welcome to Palur agro farms We do not promise unbelievable spectacular returns and we promise the return only based on our past experience Regards Vivek
  5. educationteam

    B.N.Ravindra - Teak plantation - Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Teak as a Short Term Rotation Crop for Agroforestry with B N Ravindra of Sivashakthi Bio Planttec Ltd, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. To know more about B.N. Ravindra follow the link below In this live...