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Pongamia is one of the most suitable species found in india. Due to its various favourable dimensions like hardy nature, high oil recovery and quality of oil, we can supply quality pongamia pinata seeds as per the clients' demands. Pongamia is often planted in home steads as a shade or ornamental tree and in avenue plantings along roadsides and canals. It is a preferred species for controlling soil erosion and binding sand dunes because of its dense network of lateral roots. Its root, bark, leaf, sap, and flower also have medicinal properties.

Crushed seeds and leaves have antiseptic properties and contains pongam oil, non-edible oil.
Used for lubrication and indigenous medicine.
Largely exploited for extraction of non-edible oil commercially known as ‘karanja oil’ which is well organized for its medicinal properties.
Its oil is used as fuel for cooking and is also used as a water-paint binder, pesticide, and in soap making and tanning industries.
It is also effective in enhancing the pigmentation of skin affected by leucoderma or scabies.
The pongamia cake is used as poultry feed.
Its dried leaves are used as an insect repellent in stored grains.

We are leading ISO 9001 certified Organization is the sector of promotion of medicinal and aromatic plantation. We are leading technology provider for the cultivation of Pongamia and processing of the Pongamia oil and Pongamia Cake. Currently we are cultivating Pongamia in 1000 Acre under contractual farming in whole the nation. Whole the Pongamia is being cultivated under close supervision of our highly trained agriculture technologist. The Pongamia cultivation has changed lifestyle of our growers.

On the basis of our knowledge and experience today we have established three oil extraction processing plants of Pongamia under consultancy. With the help our business partner Sunrise Agriland Development and Research (p) Ltd, we are offering the products related to Pongamia. Sunrise Agriland Development and Research (p) Ltd. is a business organization with a strong financial back ground. The organization is having rich experience of 14 years in the sector of medicinal and aromatic plants. The organization is fulfilling the demand related to medicinal plants of all the leading Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing company in INDIA.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)