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pongamia cultivation

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    Lubrication and indigenous medicine supplier

    Pongamia is one of the most suitable species found in india. Due to its various favourable dimensions like hardy nature, high oil recovery and quality of oil, we can supply quality pongamia pinata seeds as per the clients' demands. Pongamia is often planted in home steads as a shade or...
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    Neem Oil For Sale

    We Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS), Jaipur (Raj) India, are ISO 9001:2001 Certified organization founded on 1996 and with the goal of social development and environment conservation by emphasising on medicinal & aromatic crop cultivation, horticulture animal husbandry & dairy...
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    Pongamia IS AVAILABLE

    Pongamia Botanical Name : Pongamia glabra Sanskrit Name: Karanja English Name : Pongam Oil Tree, Indian Beech Family : Fabaceae Part used: Roots, Leaf, Flower, Seed, Fruit INTRODUCTION: It is a deciduous tree that grows to about 15-25 meters in height with a large canopy that spreads...