Looking to buy low cost ~1000 acres land


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Hello all ---- I am based out of Bombay and am looking to buy 1000 acres of land meeting the following criteria. For intermediaries and brokers I can pay higher brokerage of upto 3-5% if all the criteria are met:

* Low cost of not more than Rs 5000-10,000 per acre
* Overall high end of the budget of buying the land is Rs 1 cr
* I am not looking for price appreciation in the land price in the next ~20 years also so it is okay if the view is that land price will not increase
* Land title should be completely clear
* Location (any of the following in India) = Maharashtra (within 4-5 hours drive from Bombay / Pune), Karnataka (within 4-5 hours drive from Bangalore), Tamil Nadu (within 4-5 hours drive from Kodaikanal / Trichy), West Bengal (within 3-4 hours drive from Calcutta)
* Should be ideally one continuous piece of land, or max 2 large plots close to each other
* Land should be approachable with a bus though it is okay if there is no tar / pukka road. Even kucha road would do
* Should get rain for at least 2 months during the year
* Should have good water table or access to irrigation water. The purpose is to make a pond using rain water, and grow a forest on the land
* Purpose of land would be to build a 4000-5000 sq ft farmhouse and then grow a forest around it with some basic agriculture
* Should have / should be possible to get electricity connection (at least 10-12 hours during the day)
* Should have at least some settlement / village where the land is with a post office or railway station within 10-20 kms from the land location
* I want to conclude the land search and transaction before Jun 2013

Please contact me via email if you can be of help. I strongly prefer to deal directly with the land owner but also value the benefit that brokers bring to the table.



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Land in Tamil Nadu

Hallo sir

You can get land in Tamil nadu as required by you with single owner but the rate is 1,10,000/- per acre if interested call me



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Dear Mr Rajath,
I appreciate your Positive attitude, approach & challenge to find such a suitable land.You have listed 13 points i can meet 12 points of the total listed points i.e nearly 100% or so please do contact me at the earliest we can take this forward. Thanks Rakesh Aggarwal -Nashik

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