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  1. sgone

    Land Available 200 acres Hill Farm land for Sale/Joint Development in TN, 6500 feets from sea-level

    We have in terms of an investment in Landbank which is multifaceted business opportunity. A 200-acre, clear title fertile land in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu which is seeing huge demand due to the uniqueness and versatility it brings in. With 5 natural springs, availability of water throughout the...
  2. B

    Land Required Wanted Farmland near Thirthahalli

    Hi..I'm looking for farmland of about 3 to 5 acres around Thirthahallli region. Please contact me . Thank you.
  3. 1

    Looking to buy low cost ~1000 acres land

    Hello all ---- I am based out of Bombay and am looking to buy 1000 acres of land meeting the following criteria. For intermediaries and brokers I can pay higher brokerage of upto 3-5% if all the criteria are met: * Low cost of not more than Rs 5000-10,000 per acre * Overall high end of the...
  4. B

    Need 5 to 8 acres land (Budget 30 to 50 lacs))

    We want to buy 5 to 8 acres land (preferably red soil/gravel) near (within 10 km circle) Eluru, Westgodavari district, Andhra Pradesh. Land must have good transportation facility and must be adjacent to tar road. Our budget is 30 to 50 lacs. Please reply here if available. Thanks Suresh

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