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We HCMS an ISO Certified organization founded on 1996 partnered with continuously working towards its goal of social development and environment conservation by emphasising on medicinal & aromatic crop cultivation, horticulture animal husbandry & dairy. Our Company leads the flavour industry by setting high standards for customer satisfaction. Agriculture itself opens the door toward the social development. We introduce new technology among the farmers, train them for the latest technology, make them aware about the issue related to the environment issues related to the agriculture. We promote organic agriculture to improve the quality of the food and the conserve the bio-diversity. Besides the traditional food crop we give emphasis on the medicinal and aromatic crop cultivation, animal husbandry and dairy. We do regular research and introduce new medicinal and aromatic crops. As per market demand we avail the latest technology to the farmers. So that they can get the equal share from the development and they can also contribute their best toward the development. We develop the spirit of entrepreneurs among them instead of a farmer. To make then an entrepreneur we provide all support like providing good quality planting material, water management technique, subsidy & financial assistance, bio control method of Insect pest, post harvest technology, storage and logistics support and the most important one the Buyback Support.


• Development of Agriland information

• Information related to medicinal/horticulture farming and herbal industrial units.

• Soil/water testing in our research institutes.

• Prepare project reports and provide technical information of the report.

• Supply high quality seeds / seedlings and also provide information about raw
materials to the industrial units.

• Practical training for medicinal and horticulture plantation through our
professionally skilled agriculture experts.

• Time to time Crop testing through our agriculture experts.

• Information about bank loans and other financial assistances.

• Facility of agriculture insurance (possible crops only).

• Buy back agreements of the crops (On stamp paper of Rs.100)

• Laboratory test reports certifying their quality.

For more detail contact us:
Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society
ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Address:301,Mahaveer Nagar-II,Durgapura,Jaipur-302018 hcms_96@yahoo.co.in

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