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Hi All Green House Enthusiasts,

People who want to develop a successful Green House project can now do it tension free with our genuine services.

We provide following services:
1. Turnkey Green House Projects from Concept to Marketing of Produce.
2. Green House Crop Consultancy.

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Shrushti hitech

Flower Cultivation/ Floriculture consultancy

We provide consultancy for the floriculture. Floriculture has emerged as important agriculture venture. The demand of the product is increasing day by day. Even Govt. of India has indentified floriculture has 100 % export oriented venture. Floriculture industry is one of the high growth industries in country.

Export oriented commercial floriculture is high return agribusiness venture. The high-tech cultivation of flowers gives very god return it saves both time and affords. Floriculture has higher potential per unit area than other filed crop. The Indian floriculture industry has been moving from traditional flowers to export oriented cut flower for export purpose. The domestic demand of flowers cannot be neglected. The demand in essential oil industry, cosmetic industry, herbal medicine industry, wedding industry, Food industry, insecticide industry, demand for temple and shrine and other domestic demand is solid base for the Indian floriculture industry.

We will assist you in selection of site for floriculture industry, purchase of implement and machines for the floriculture selection of right flower crop as per market demand and export orientation, land development, purchase of planting material, insect pest management of the crop, disease management of the crop, water management, harvesting of lowers, packing of the flowers, post harvest management of flowers, transportation up to market or for export, finance and assistance from bank, govt. policy and scheme for the floriculture and export of the flowers. We will assist you both for protected flowers cultivation and open filed flowers cultivation.

The important floricultural crops in the international cut flower trade are Rose, Carnation, chrysanthemum, Gargera, Gladiolus, Gypsophila, Liastris, Nerine, Orchids, Archilea, Anthuriu, Tulip, and Lilies. Floriculture crops like gerberas, carnation, etc. are grown in green houses. The open field crops are chrysanthemum, roses, gaillardia, lily marygold, aster, tuberose etc.

We are leading Agro Technology and Agribusiness consultancy provider. We strongly believe in business ethics. We have highly professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture and allied disciplines. We believe in truly consultancy with independent and profitable solutions. For us agriculture is the base of development, height of development, strength of development, depth of development. For a long term sustainable social & economical development agriculture must be the axel. Agriculture development must environment friendly, sustainable, efficient use of available resources and non hazardous.

We provide Agro technology and Agribusiness consultancy through better utilization of your resources, value of your money, independent consultancy, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.