Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Hello, We are seeking a keeper of our grounds and animals. Thank you for your time,
  2. drsantos

    Available Farm Consulting

    Hi, Investment, Resources and knowledge are the three interdependent factors to success in farming. having right knowledge is foremost important even if you have ample of resources and investment. We can help you to gain knowledge in any point of farming that makes you sustainable.
  3. drsantos

    Advertising Free Zoom Education on Floriculture

    Hi Farmer, i am very much interested to support you in the field of floriculture in and out. please whatsapp your details Dr Santosh seeta hyderabad @drsantos Please use private messages to share contact numbers. To send private message to any member, click on username > start conversation
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    Advertising 1 Acre Polyhouse at Denkanikottai - Available on Rent

    Hi, I own a 1 acre poly-house and am planning to give it for lease. It is a nicely constructed one with the following facilities drip irrigation with 5HP pump shower line with 2HP pump 7.5HP bore-well pump rain water harvested from top of poly-house into a sump bore-well with good yield...
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    Aman Lakra – concentrates on livestock rearing for farm integration

    Mr. Aman Lakra, farmer from Abhaypur village, Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh started his life as a farmer with dairy farming. His only asset was his family owned 1.5 acre farmland on which he used to grow some fodder and cereals for his personal use. As dairy unit operations were standardized...
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    Dr. Basavaraju Puttalingaiah – Researcher. Constultant. Entrepreneur

    Please tell us about yourself. I am Dr. Basavaraju Puttalingaiah, hailing from Karnataka. I am an M.Sc. in Botany, M.Phil. in Seed Technology and Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have had exposure in 22 different countries across Europe, specializing in...
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    Jayesh Ayachit – Founder of Ayachit Horticultural Services from Maharashtra

    Tell us about yourself – your education background, etc. I come from Maharashtra and I was did my schooling up until my Grade 10 in my village. I did my grade 11 and 12 in Science, in a city within my district. I completed graduation in Horticulture from Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri...
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    Land Available 22 Acres fertile land for lease or contract farming.

    hello everyone. I have around 22 Acres of fertile land. Red soil. borewell with motor pumps. Boundaries fenced. Excellent for horticulture. Location: Near Vinukonda, Guntur, Andhra pradesh I purchased and developed the land with the intention of doing farming myself. But I got transferred very...
  9. SupportTeam

    Agricultural-Horticultural& Integrated Farming Solutions provided by Green Farm Organics

    Green Farm Organics is owned by Firoz Hassan Khan, a Horticulturist cum Agro Project Consultant. Armed with 12 year of professional experience, Mr. Hassan specialises in Horticulture, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Poultry Farming sectors. He also lends Vendor & Buyer support to his clients in...
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    Guidelines on business opportunities of sustainable agriculture

    The "Institute of Advance Technology of Organic Herbs, Farming and Food Processing Research" was established under aegis of Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society (HCMS) in 1996. Since then, we are providing the training and consultancies on cultivation, management, and innovative technologies of...
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    Small Garden Setup

    Hi Friends, I have around 3000 Sq Ft of land that I am planning to use for Horticulture. I need experts advice to setup up the land. 1. How do I prepare this land to make it suitable for gardening. I am thinking of adding red soil along with manure like cow and goat dung to make it...
  12. S

    Agriculture Grade Perlite

    We are importers for Agriculture Grade Perlite. If you have any requirements can contact us at Mobile : +91 98726 43586
  13. A

    Horticulture consultant needed

    Hi, We need horticulture consultant with experience in protected cultivation in Indore. We have land near Indore. Thanks Arpit
  14. A

    Horticulture Consultant in Indore

    Hi All, We need experience horticulture consultant for protected cultivation in Indore. Please message details at my full name @ gmail . com Regards, Arpit Badjatya
  15. A

    Needed Horticulture consultant in Indore

    Hi All, We need horticulture consultant for protected cultivation in Indore. Please mail me at my full name @ Regards, Arpit Badjatya
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    Looking for Mango Plants @Hindupur, AP

    Hello I am looking for various types of Mango Trees for 3 acres of land. Please send me quote ASAP. Hrishikesh 09886341490
  17. S

    Seeking Pomegranate Consultant (Horticulture)

    Looking for a consultant for a 100 Acre Pomegranate Plantation in Madhya Pradesh. Interested parties please email me your profile/CV at Preference: a. Atleast 3 years of experience with Pomegranate farming (preferably in MP) b. Experience preparing report for NHB...
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    Farm land available in Dehradun. Want to start farming.

    I have 3 acres of farm land available near Vikasnagar, Dehradun (UK). I want to grow some crops or flowers which have good returns. I don't have sufficient knowledge on what all can be grown except the usual rice, wheat and sugarcane crops. Tubewell facility is available. Presently rice and...
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    Rooting Hormone - Soluble Concentrate

    We import and distribute a rooting compound concentrate with 10,000 PPM of IBA and 5,000 PPM of NAA which is diluted with water to deliver exactly the dosage needed. Packed in 50 mL, 100 mL or 1 Litre bottles. The 50 and 100 mL bottles have built in dropper. This is the best and most effective...
  20. A

    Rooting Hormone - Soluble Concentrate

    We have a rooting hormone concentrate with 10,000 PPM of IBA and 5,000 PPM of NAA. 100% water soluble. Packed in 50 mL, 100 mL or 1 Litre bottles. The 50 and 100 mL bottles have built in dropper. This is the best and most effective way to promote rooting at the lowest cost. No refrigeration...