Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


  1. D

    For Sale Polyhouse on Rent

    I am looking for a 1 Acre polyhouse on rent near Mumbai. Areas like Shahpur, Igatpuri, Panvel, Karjat, Pali, Talegaon, Pune preferred. Please contact me if anyone is willing to give the polyhouse on a long lease
  2. W

    Advertising Prefab Insect proof Nursery net house for small farmers

    For small farmers doing nursery but who cannot invest in proper greenhouse, we have a solution. We offer nets in sizes 30;x40'x7'(height) which can be put up quickly and removed after the requirement is over. The nets can be reused. They are UV stabilised and will last for over 5 years. See...
  3. P

    Mr. Vasanth Rao - an expert and enthusiast in setting up Farmer Producer Company (FPO)

    Mr. Vasanth Rao, an expert and enthusiast in setting up Farmer Producer Company (FPO), a recent corporate structure for creating companies with farmers as members/shareholders. Please tell us about yourself I started my career with IDBI Bank and was with them for 23 years. Later, I got the...
  4. G

    Requirement-old polyhouse, greenhouse

    I want old polyhouse any interested seller contact me
  5. P

    Need Info About Capsicum

    Hello Sir I am from Gujarat. I want to build greenhouse on 1 acre land. Will u pls tell me cost of greenhouse? Next question is I want to plant Red and yellow capsicum in it. So where to buy its seeds and what is average income from 1acre land?
  6. V

    Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

    Growing tomatoes indoors can mean an earlier crop. For greenhouse tomatoes grow recommended varieties such as 'Sungold', 'Money Maker' or 'Country Taste'. If you’re after tomatoes to make soups and sauces with then tomato ‘Roma VF’ is the variety for you. Sow as directed on the individual seed...
  7. N

    Green house

    I have a terrace garden in Delhi. In winters I am able to produce almost all my vegetable needs. I wish to cover it sort of a green house to protect from delhi summer and delhi cold. Please guide me.
  8. S

    Polyhouse Construction - Questions

    Dear All, I am planning a 1000sft polyhouse for organic home grown vegetables at my new home Right now we have levelled the land and next week proposing to make beds using redsoil and cowdung + coconut coir mixture. I also happened to speak with polyhouse manufacturer's locally and they quote...
  9. S

    Coloured Capsicum for sale (red and yellow varieties) Approx 1.5 tonne per day

    Hello guys, I currently have 5 greenhouses (4000 sqm each) and am in the process of cultivating red and yellow capsicum (bell peppers). The greenhouses are located near ahmedabad and I want to supply my produce at a contracted price for the entire cycle. Utmost care has been taken for ensuring...
  10. S

    Wanted 1-2 acre Greenhouse for lease near Bangalore

    We are looking for a fully functional green house for lease nearby to Bangalore. - Facilities should include good water source - Nirantara Jyoti power connection with 63KVA transformer - Fully Fenced Please contact me on 9986333368 Regards
  11. G

    Looking for around1000 Sq Mtr Green House on LEASE

    Hi I am looking for app 1000 - 1500 Sq Mtr Greenhouse in excellent cpndition on lease in Agra. Site should have electricity and good quality water available. Are you having cooling facility at Greenhouse. Please contact.
  12. S

    Greenhouse Farming in West Bengal - Help - Costing - Subsidy

    Hello All, I am interested in producing dutch roses, gerbera flowers in a greenhouse in West Bengal, please help me with details like. 1. What is the costing per acre (including setting up, overheads required, monthly maintenance, manure used)? 2. How much subsidy does Indian Government...
  13. S

    Wanted – Agriculture Land with in 200KM from Thane

    Hi, We want to setup a Hydroponic Greenhouse for Colour Capsicum. We are looking for land with in 200KM from Thane (Maharashtra) in the Range of 1/2 Lac per Acre. Minimum 3 Acre Required. If you have land and don’t want to sell, we are ready to do a long term lease as well. Genuine and...
  14. A

    Need Consultant

    We need a reliable and experienced consultant whom using cocopeat growbags to support growers who he is from Maharastra. Please contact us asap. Thanks Kind Regards, Allwin
  15. S

    Farm manager required

    A farm manager is required at our farms near Ooty. If interested please send a mail to Thanks and best regards, Siddharth
  16. H

    Advice to have intercrops in mango garden

    We have a mango garden(partnership with an uncle). The garden is about 8 acres in Chittoor District, near V Kota which is close to Karnataka. We have our own well and around 1 acre of empty land which we gave our care taker for free to use for some farming for his income. We have recently even...
  17. bharatbook

    Greenhouse Produce

    Greenhouse products are having good demand over the country as well as in the global market. Greenhouse produce are highly demanded in the urban areas for daily usage and also in the hotels for their daily servings. Few products you can produce in greenhouse, Lettuce Cucumber Tomato And...
  18. J

    Green House Consultancy

    Hi All Green House Enthusiasts, People who want to develop a successful Green House project can now do it tension free with our genuine services. We provide following services: 1. Turnkey Green House Projects from Concept to Marketing of Produce. 2. Green House Crop Consultancy. To...
  19. P

    Horticulture - Greenhouse/polyhouse consultancy needed in Coimbatore

    Hello - we are looking to put up a commercial greenhouse/polyhouse in Coimbatore. To start with we are looking to put up a polyhouse for 1000 sq.m. to check the feasibility. We will need a consultant to help us decide what kind of plant will provide us with the best returns and is possible...
  20. L

    Find it Difficult to maintain a stable greenhouse environment?

    Explore the option of going Wireless, using our Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors for Greenhouses! NHR is proud to introduce to you our wireless temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity sensor relieves the greenhouse owner from the frustrations of using wired...