Wanted Golden Opportunity is knocking for Indian Farmers!!


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China was the major exporter of Stevia Cultivation Products (Stevioside & Rebaudioside), post-COVID-19 things are going to be tough for China to export food-related products to US, European and African markets.

This opens up a very good opportunity for India and Indian farmers to take benefits from this while contributing to India's Export Growth.

Advantages of Stevia Farming in India

Stevia is a perennial herb:
It lasts for five years from the date of the plantation, with the first harvest within 4-6 months and subsequent harvesting within every 2-3months for five years.

Adaptable to different climatic conditions:
This plant adapts well to different climatic ranges around the world but exhibits higher leaf growth when cultivated in semi-humid temperature with good light intensity.

Propagates through seeds & plant parts:
The leaf is the part which is a useful commodity, but during every harvesting season, the stem can be used for propagating new stevia plants.

Very low water requirement:
This plant is ideal for drip irrigation it requires very less water in comparison to the other crops almost 1/10th of sugarcane plantation requirement.

Low maintenance cost:
After the initial plantation expenses, it has a very low maintenance cost for 5 years.

Stable returns for the long term:
Stevia cultivation provides overall high & secured returns to the grower for 5 years

Growing demand for stevia:
The stevia leaves are used for making natural sweeteners and medicines which mainly address the issues of diabetes and obesity.

Government incentives:
The government in association with the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is offering loans and subsidies for stevia cultivation based on the project reports.

The National Medicinal Plant Board and AYUSH are together offering a subsidy of 30% (maximum amount of Rs. 30lakhs) on the total cost of cultivation of stevia crops.

Indian Budget 2019 news on stevia:
We were expecting special attention for priority plants and cash crops like Stevia which have a huge potential to disrupt Consumer Health, Farmers Income, and Environment. This will support high-quality Natural ingredients, equipping the F&B industry to address the growing consumer sentiments for healthy F&B products & cementing the FSSAI initiative to reduce Calories via their “Thoda Kum” campaign.

If you want more information on Stevia Cultivation , please contact.

It’s time for taking the advantages of stevia cultivation for sweet profits.
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I am having more then one acer land for cultivation. I am looking for person who is interested to plantation
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