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    Wanted Golden Opportunity is knocking for Indian Farmers!!

    China was the major exporter of Stevia Cultivation Products (Stevioside & Rebaudioside), post-COVID-19 things are going to be tough for China to export food-related products to US, European and African markets. This opens up a very good opportunity for India and Indian farmers to take benefits...
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    700 ton potato available for sale in Feb 2014 - Bihar

    Hi, I am promotor of contract farming and growing potato in contract farming. It will be made available for sale in the month of feb 2014. Approx potato will be available of 700 ton and all will be of grad = A potato. I have aligned all these farmers in contract farming way. If any one...
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    Farmers group for effective marketing and better price

    Dear Friends, I wish to form a group of progress oriented farmers from Thane and Raigad district. As there is a vast market in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, With the help of direct marketing from Farmer to Customer we can earn more and even help our customers with quality goods. Please feel...

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