Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Required Searching for Vegetable&Fruit Farmer in and around ERODE, Salem and Dharmapuri

    Hello, Thanks for reading my post. We are a small supply house, looking out for farmers/ farming entrepreneurs who are willing to do business with us. Our current target radius is around Erode, Salem and Dharmapuri. We would like to get in touch with farmers/ farming entrepreneurs who produce...
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    Land Available We need good water source farming land in Namakkal

    We need good water source in namakkal and nearby area.
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    Advertising Herbal and Aromatics Plant cultivation.

    I am Abhimanyu and we are based in Delhi working in the Agro commodities production and marketing and supply chain management, we work in Grains-Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets, Oilseeds- Groundnut, Mustard, Soya bean, Spices, Pulses, Potato, Onion. we are working with farmers and small...
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    Wanted Golden Opportunity is knocking for Indian Farmers!!

    China was the major exporter of Stevia Cultivation Products (Stevioside & Rebaudioside), post-COVID-19 things are going to be tough for China to export food-related products to US, European and African markets. This opens up a very good opportunity for India and Indian farmers to take benefits...
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    Drum stick seed for sale (available)

    We have drum stick seeds available MJM-1 Variety 1.5mt with good quality cost 1500per kg contact number 9440594367
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    NBHC : The Agri Warehousing and Collateral (commodity) Management solution

    At a Glance NBHC services have been designed to provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art ecosystem for every aspect of commodity and collateral management. These services encompass global best practices and processes to ensure hassle-free handling and upkeep of stock, multi-step risk...
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    Where should you look for when facing the shortage of farmers?

    Are you looking for farmers who are agile, honest, hardworking and eager to learn new things? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will give you the best manpower solution as your requirements. Ms. Lana – General Director - Vietnam Manpower JSC WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile No.: +84 9495 94116...
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    Farmers for hire

    Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) offers all types of agriculture manpower from Vietnam. They excel in agricultural knowledge that they applied for productivity at the moment and for the rest of their lives. They are agile enough, keeping updated about advanced technology...
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    Wanted jobs for farmers

    We are the leading Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam where 70% of population in the working age. With more than 10 years’ experience, we have already fulfilled the requirement of Vietnamese manpower to many countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait...
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    Wanted partners in agriculture field

    Being an agriculture country with 80% of the population living in the countryside and working in agriculture industries, Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading JSC (VMST) also are proud and confident to supply large number of skilled agriculture workers to clients with main sectors: farm workers...
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    Wanted Farmer-Urgently Required

    We want farmer who can look after day to day agriculture and farming work at our FarmHouse in Badlapur. Please Contact : 022-67827000 Rushil Dedhia-9833095590 Mrs.Swati Mehta : 9833522866
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    Must read PaddyFarmers.~~business oppurtunity.!!! :-)

    Hello Farmers, PLease comment your email and contact. Lets form a network and be informative to each other. Hello to the back bones of india again. :-) Am a rice miller and am trying to form network directly with the farmers cutting out the middle men and agents who are not worth to be in...
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    Mother Earth Fair Puyallup, WA May 31st - June 1st, 2014

    I'm looking for to seeing everyone there. We will be at the Agrilicious! | All Things Local Food booth. Look us up!!!
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    Agri 82 - A perfect Surfactant which suits all Fertilizers/Pesticides/Fungicides.

    A surfactant is mixed with pesticides to ensure they spread evenly and brings down the heavy costs of maintenance of Farmlands. It has 82% active components as compared to a 80% average of all other surfactants and spreads evenly on the leaves of the plants and crop without forming Air gaps and...
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    Problems faced by Farmers in India

    Every individual in every field face some or the other problems. These must be discussed and collectively some solution should be identified. At this forum we would like the farmers to come up with their problems and suggest some solution too!
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    So near So Far from Water

    Dear Friends, I came across one farmer who had been striving to irrigate his farm land for the crops. But he had one difficulty of not able to fetch water from the nearby river due to no electricity supply in the village. There are many farmers who are facing the same issue since many many...
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    Farmers Club helps farmers to earn better

    Abhinav Farmers Club from Pune has revolutionized traditional agriculture through direct marketing and doing away with middlemen. It's not always your day if you are a farmer. No wonder,agriculture isn't looked at as a lucrative option since rub of the green seldom goes in a farmer's...
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    Horticultural subsidies

    Hello, I am busy with a research to horticulture in the Mediterranean region. One of the things I need for this is: Are there subsidies available for farmers (in horticulture) and what kind of subsidies. For the following countries: Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal...
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    Organic Produce in North India

    Hi all, My company, Jagriti Agro Tech, works on connecting organic farmers directly to markets. Our focus is primarily on vegetables and fruits. Looking for certified growers or groups of farmers that are in the 300 km radius of Delhi. Our mission is to make farming profitable even for small...
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    Rural Godown Scheme / Grameen Bhandaran Yojana

    Introduction: The objective of rural godown scheme is to provide the farming community with facilities for scientific storage so that wastage and produce deterioration are avoided and also to enable it to meet its credit requirement without being compelled to sell the produce at a time when the...