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Dear Readers,

Do you think corporate houses should come forward and collaborate with NGOs to promote agriculture?

Are you aware of any corporate house in India helping the farmers? Please share the details.



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Mr. Rajesh Tiwary, Managing Partner, Fuel India Agrienergy Syndicate says-

Yes, corporate houses should come forward and collaborate with NGOs to promote agriculture.

Tata and Triveni Group. They have store for farmers near me.

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Mr. Munish Kumar, Founder & Managing Partner, Punjab Dairy Farm, says-

It is quite difficult for any of the corporate houses. They are completely profit oriented business houses. Why will they come forward? Every task should have the business interests for betterment. NABARD would be the only organization which can provide the solutions to it.

So far I not seen any such corporate house yet I will share the details the moment I am able to find one.

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Mr. M.K.Shajath Ali Managing Partner, says-

If their intention is to promote agriculture in India it is well and good and is always welcome.

I don't have any idea about corporate houses helping the farmers. Please share the details, if you have any. Nobody in India actually is helping the farmers, not even the Government.

Mr. Shajath Ali
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Mr. James G.Prakash, Head- Business Development, L & N MEDRA AGRO, says-

They are already, I believe. I am ok with that as long as the agriculture basics are maintained and followed. Otherwise it won’t solve the purpose.

I have heard about many but can’t be specific.

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Mr. Raj Kumar says -

Yes. Presently the corporate whose business interests are in the Agriculture sector are coming forward but they are still to make an impact in promoting agriculture.

I am aware that ITC is helping farmers by setting up centers in rural India by providing them with advise on farm inputs, contract farming etc.

Raj Kumar,
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Mr. Kapil Sharma, Sr. TECHNICAL OFFICER, Central Potato Research Institute says-

Yes, Agriculture is lifeline and industry is pipeline for development. Social responsibility factor also lies on corporate to keep the lifeline (Agriculture) in good shape.

Many corporate houses are helping in agriculture. I come across news regarding Rattan Tata Trust working for agriculture related project.

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Er Sanjeeb Patjoshi,IPS, IG, Director, VAMNICOM says-

Yes. NGOs can reach to grass root level and involvement of grass root level people would definitely help to promote agriculture sector in India -in all states where self-help groups are already working in this area

The corporate house in India that are helping the farmers are - ITC, GODREJ, TATA, Reliance, Birla etc. are corporate houses that are doing such work in rural areas as part of their CSR and also for sourcing their requirements in retails shop, e. g ITC e-choupal, and AMUL dhara oil.

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Ms. Jeemol Unni, Director, IRMA says-

Yes, the 2% to be invested in corporate social responsibility can at least be used more fruitfully to ensure collaboration with NGOs to promote eco-friendly agriculture.

ITC e chaupal is an information gateway for farmers.

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Mr. Ramesh Chandra Joshi, Owner and Farmer says-

No as it leads to the exploitations of farmers. Farmer is not benefited.

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Mr.B.N. Ravindra says-

I think many of the responsible corporate in farming sector are off late getting involved in educating the farmers even if it is to promote their own products but still it goes a long way in taking the latest technologies to the farmers’ fields. To name a few companies in India, first of all our Shivashakthi Biotechnologies Ltd. With its 400 plus extension officers are doing a yeomen service by providing knowledge to the farmers about Bio-fertilizers, Organic inputs and tree plantation programs and other corporate include Coromandel fertilizers, Syngenta, Nagarjuna Fertilizers, etc.

B.N. Ravindra
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Sameer A.Sirdeshpande (Lingdhal) says-

Privatization in Agriculture sector is required but to some extent. It has to both Public-Private joint venture. There has to clarity and quality of work at each step and should CONCENTRATE ON ACHIEVING STABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY IN WORK AND IN LIFE. Basic problem in Agriculture sector is non-availability of remunerative price for any of the farm produce. Input costs have increased by many folds but equal shift in food prize at farmers point is still a question mark. Even at times Govt. is reluctant to fix sufficient Minimum Support Prize (MSP) for many of the commodities. In such case presence of Private people (For Example Private companies involved in Food Processing) can help farming sector.
At present the way Agricultural Practices are followed in India are SELF-DEFEATING EXERCISES. If we want to see growth in Indian Agriculture then there should be a HOLISTIC APPROACH TO ATTAIN SUSTAINABILITY IN EVERY FIELD.

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Dr Vijay Singh Thakur, Vice Chancellor, Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry says -

The corporate houses are already collaborating with many NGOs for the promotion of the agriculture in different parts of the country. These collaborations include mushroom and flower cultivation, honey production, fruits and vegetables processing and their value addition. This is a welcoming and upcoming step and must be up scaled to tap full potential of this collaboration.

Yes, corporate houses like Adani Groups, Reliance etc. in apple marketing, different MNCs for seed production, Indofil, Rallies, BASF etc. in pesticides are helping the farmers.

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Mr. Sanjeev Latkar, Director, DSK Milkotronics Private Limited says-

I will support this 100% because there is a need because the automation used is very negligible may be 8% to 9%. Our focus is always sat today there is a collection centre’s for 50 liters why should they not get automation solution, why it should be given only to the privileged people who is collecting 500 litres or 1000 litres per day. These people easily get as they got their own infrastructures and their own finances and manpower with them. Therefore those who supply 50 litres also get the automation because the milk supplied by them and the milk supplied by the people who get 1000litres are same. Here I wish that many corporate can come in to this and they can add to the supply chain. This milk sector is very un organized sector though we are the largest producers of milk in the world.

We have come across many NGO’s in many states, these people are getting funds to the dairy cooperatives and then they are spreading this concept to the village level, but they are very few.
Among the NGO’s one is in Karnataka, Moksha-Yug they are in to micro finance, they set up their own dairy also and now they are expanding in a big way. Recently we had an interaction with SERP ( Society of Elimination of Rural Poverty). They are also in a big way giving these solutions because they found the SAG groups now they want the sustainable solution for the SAG groups also along with the other activities what they are doing.

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Dear Readers,

Do you think corporate houses should come forward and collaborate with NGOs to promote agriculture?

Are you aware of any corporate house in India helping the farmers? Please share the details.

Prof. L. K. Vaswani – Director, KIIT School of Rural Management replies -

Such collaboration will be welcome provided NGOs create win – win situation for the farmers and the corporate.

KIIT School of Rural Management
Krishna Campus-7, KIIT University,
Bhubaneswar:-751024, Orissa
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We should not mix Corporates with NGOs as main motive of Corporates are profits while NGOs works mainly for upliftment of the society in all sectors. But there are certain corporates (like Most of the Input Companies, Irrigation Companies, Mechanical Equipment Companies etc) who are doing their best in Agribusiness Field directly with the farmers. The real need is focussing on improving the crop productivity, minimizing wastages, improving the supply chain management from production to consumer. Corporates and NGOs can come together in the Agril. Service Sector especially Extension Services.



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Corporate house are already promoting the profit making agriculture. At the time of British rule. The british people promoted teh commercial agriculture. instead of the traditional agriculture. all the major corporate houses are having their own farms and investment in agriculture. TATA is having tea estates, Birla are Having tea estates, Dalmia are having Tea estates. these houses are still promoting teh agriculture, after the land sealing act the activities of these houses was limited up to big commercial estates. All teh major industries like FOOD PROCESSING, cotton, sugar, rubber, spices, paper are result of the role of corporate houses. India agriculture still need a better collaboration between farmer and corporate. The expectation of charity form corporate house is bad things. The govt is not promoting agriculture with corporate but govt si promoting the concrete forest with corporate on the fertile land.

The Indian agriculture need investment , that can be come from corporate, the corporate will be looking their profitability in the venture ..

Govt must immediately stop the destruction of the fertile land.

Ultimately farmer will benefit from this system.

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