Consultancy for Sustainable/Organic/Traditional Agriculture-all type of crops.


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We offer advisory/consultancy and management services for sustainable/organic/traditional agriculture, for all type of crops, and related projects such as organic/eco tourism, biodiversity conservation and promotion projects:
Sustainable Agriculture Development Projects:
1. Organic/Natural/Traditional Farms/Plantations/orchards etc with High Value Crops.
2. Ayurvedic Farms/Plantations.
3. Organic Vegetable Farms.
4. Organic Mushroom Cultivation Units.

Sustainable Biodiversity Projects:
1. Biodiversity Parks
2. Butterfly Parks
3. Dragon Fly Parks
4. Bird Parks
5. Anthill Parks.
6. Aquatic Parks
7. Sacred Forests/Hermitages
8. Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge Projects.
9. And many more and also tailor made projects according to your needs and limitations.

Please contact us by mail for further details:

Sustainable Development and Management Consultants Network (SDMC Network)
No. 204, Sri Thirumala Paradise, # 18, Goods Shed Road, Bangalore -560 053. India.
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