Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Prakash Gupta

    Please describe yourself. I am from Delhi. During my graduation, I had a small start-up. It was a Hindi website started in 2010 related to how media is very Delhi-centric – most of it relating to politics, the corridors of political parties and what is happening with respect to ministers etc...
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    Concept to Completion (C2C) Consultancy Services for Sustainability Projects

    We offer C2C (Concept to Completion) and Management Consultancy for start up/sustainable development and management of diverse sustainable farm/agriculture / biodiversity based business and conservation projects in the following sectors, all over India and abroad: A. Sustainable Agriculture...
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    Consultancy for Sustainable/Organic/Traditional Agriculture-all type of crops.

    We offer advisory/consultancy and management services for sustainable/organic/traditional agriculture, for all type of crops, and related projects such as organic/eco tourism, biodiversity conservation and promotion projects: Sustainable Agriculture Development Projects: 1...
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    125 Acres Farm Land available

    [B][B]We have 125 Acres of Certified Organic Farmland at village Ghui 16 Kms north-west from Yavatmal a district headquarter in Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra State. 70 Acres Piece of this Farmland is located near Shingandoh Irrigation Tank, here 50 acres Clonal Eucalyptus is planted in August...
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    Bamboo Structures Industry

    Hi, We are Architects and Designers from NID-Ahmedabad and IIT Mumbai. We are into Design, Development and Construction of Bamboo Structures mainly focusing on Tourism Cottages, Exhibitions, Open shelters, Home extensions etc. We are looking for • An acre land for 7to 8 lakhs...
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    Attention Farm owners interested in a Business tie-up

    We are an agri-business company looking for a large/medium farm owner who is interested in doing a business tie-up with us for our agri-business project. Interested farm-owners please send us a private message with your contact details to enable us to enter into further talks with you.(Please...