Cocopeat and Coir products supplier

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Dear Sir,

We 'Allwin Coir Products' is a largest manufacturing and exporting company in Tamilnadu, India and supplying premium quality Coir pith / Coco fibre related products around the globe and local indian market. We are having more than 10 years of export experience.

Our manufacturing products are

1. Coir pith 5 kg bales.
2. Coir pith 650 gm briquettes.
3. Coir pith grow bag(slab).
4. Coir Husk Chips.
5. Coir / Coco Disk
6. Coir Fibre/Coco Fibre

Uses of Cocopeat:

1.Perfect growing medium for plants
2.100% organic
3.High water and nutrition holding capacity
4.Enhance strong and healthy root system
5.Good air porosity
6.Used in green house plantation
7.Used in Tomato, capsicum, chili, cucumber, rose, gerbera, salad and strawberry plantation.
8.Used in Horticulture and Floriculture Environment
9.Perfect alternative for peat moss

Currently, we are exporting our products to various countries including Italy, Israel, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA. We are also supplying our cocopeat products to Maharashtra and Gujarat states.

Please visit our website Allwin Coir Products India, Coco Peat, Grow Bags to know more about us.

Please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Managing Partner


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Any nursery users, greenhouse users, farmers and growers please contact us to use cocopeat and coir pith products. I am sure it will give more productivity compare to any other growing medium. Thanks

Kind Regards